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New Mexico, 1862

Wanted is not his real name …

It is the mark that was incised indelibly onn his face

by some desperados.

They acted out of revenge, Wanted, after all, is the most dreaded bounty hunter in the Far West!

But even This mutilation cannot change the bounty hunters mind.

On a day  Wanted goes chasing  an out-law, called Dandy Silbus.

And from that moment all the problems begin …


Thierry Girod

(b. 1961, France)

Durango by Thierry Girod

Born in Haute-Savoie, Thierry Girod studied Fine Arts in Lyon and Annecy. He worked as an illustrator and advertising artist before beginning his comics career together with Laurent Tamanini. Together, the began the series ‘Franck Blakmail’ at the publishing house Agorma. In the mid-1990s, Girod began the western series ‘Wanted’ with scripts by Simon Rocca at Soleil Productions. In 2006, he took over the art duties on ‘Durango’ at Soleil, while Yves Swolfs continued to do the scripts.

Wanted, by Thierry Girod

Georges Ramaïoli

P1100683 - RAMAÏOLI Georges

(Simon Rocca)

(b. 26/6/1945, France)

Zoulouland, by Georges Ramaïoli

In 1974, Georges Ramaïoli worked for various fanzines and did the artwork for a short story by Jean Giraud, published in Charlie Mensuel. He teamed up with writer René Durand a year later, and created the series ‘La Terre de la Bombe’ in Le Canard Sauvage and later Circus. The series ran until 1977, the year that Ramaïoli and Durand came up with their second series, ‘L’Indien Français’.

Les Scynthes, by Georges Ramaïoli

In 1980, Ramaïoli created the science-fiction series ‘Mado et Maildur’ in Méfi and later Ère Comprimée. A collection of his short stories, ‘Ouest Terne’, was published by Glénat in 1984. He drew ‘Le Dauphin Blanc’ in Okapi and ‘La Conquête du Mexique’ with Carbonnel at Larousse publishers. Again with René Durand, he made ‘Comme un Vol d’Hirondelles’ in 1987, the first part of the ‘Zoulouland’ cycle. Ramaïoli took over the writing of the scripts from the fourth album. In 1989, he did the artwork for François Corteggiani‘s historical saga ‘L’Horus de Néken’ published by Milan. With Philippe Aubert, he made ‘Ardoukouba’ at Éditions Blanco, a series later renamed ‘L’Or de Saba’ at Soleil Productions.

L'Horus de Néken, by Georges Ramaïoli

Using the pseudonym Simon Rocca, he worked on ‘Corpus Christi’ (with Mathieu) and ‘Vae Victis’ (with Jean-Yves Mitton) at Soleil Productions. Also for Soleil, he made ‘Les Scythes’ (1993) and ‘La Saga de Bas-de-Cuir’ (1995). As a scriptwriter he has worked with artists like Angel Bautista (‘Les Maudits’, 1993), André Houot (‘Le Khan’, 1994), Février (‘Le Fléau de Dieu’, 1995), Christophe Bec (‘Princesse Rouge’, 1995), Thierry Girod (‘Wanted’, 1995), Michel Suro (‘Barca’, 1996), Serge Fino (‘Starblood’, 1999) and Jean-Claude Cassini (‘Bouffe-Doublon’, 1999), all published by Soleil.

While continuing to work on ‘Zouloulande’, Ramaïoli began ‘Colorado’ with Mitton at Éditions Carpe Diem in 2003. In the following year, he was present at the publishing house Joker with ‘La Légende d’Oregon-Jo’. Ramaïoli has proved himself an artist who easily mastered the science-fiction and historical genre, as well as western and adventure.

cover for Circus, by Georges Ramaïolicover for Circus, by Georges Ramaïoli