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Brittany, early this century.

Life at the Breton coasts was in that time no easy.

Year in, year out, there are dozens of ships which wreck against the dangerous coastal rocks.

But what the village at the lighthouse  “Dar Karreg” encounters with wooden or iron wrecks,

challenges every imagination.

Some evil tongues claim that a remaining German submarine from the first world war

causes all the misery.

Or is it than yet the evil red eye … A bait that vandalises  everything in a vortex ?…



Stéphane Robin pseudonim Héloret was born in Quimper in 1965.
Student at the Beaux Arts de Rennes from 1985 till 1988 and to the school for comics of Angoulême from 1989 till 1991.
From 1995 till 2002  he edited for Glénat  the series in 4 volumes : Vuurboot, a scenario from Gibbelin.

Christophe Gibelin

Christophe Gibelin  was born may 31 st 1967 in Ganges, France.

He is a scenarist and colourist for comic strips.



  • Les Ailes de plomb
    • Tome 1 – Vol de nuit – dessins de Nicolas Barral
    • Tome 2 – Le Vol du Balbuzard – dessins de Nicolas Barral
    • Tome 3 – L’Affaire est dans le lac – dessins de Nicolas Barral
    • Tome 4 – Résurrection – dessins de Christophe Gibelin
    • Tome 5 – Dog for Fresco – dessins de Christophe Gibelin
  • Le Vieux Ferrand
    • Tome 1 – Le Dernier des fils – dessins d’Aris
    • Tome 2 – La Tournée du facteur – dessins d’Aris
    • Tome 3 – Des feux croisés – dessins d’Aris