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When the brothers Leroy and Dingbatt

arrive in their holiday camp in France,

they  immediately become members of the Salamandersclub.

They get acquainted with the beautiful Swedish girl Bitte

and the “cool” English boy Ace.

But then everything is turning wrong.

During a survival game

Leroy breaks his leg.

In addition the Salamanders become molested

by a mysterious Figure.

They search support with the strange baron

Comte Louis d’Argeles.

But does he really wants to help them? ….


Jeff Broeckx

Jeff Broeckx (Antwerp, 16 August 1943) is a Belgian comics author.
At the age of 11 he drew a comic strip based on a scenario  by his mother, Maria Winter : “De Witte hinde.” When he was sixteen,
He went as an artist to work at Standaard Uitgeverij. There he illustrated especially school books. In 1964 he renewed “De witte hinde”
and  the story was published in the weekly magazine Ohee. His mother designed, together with him, the series Serge (1965) and Dag and Heidi (1966-1984). Jeff Broeckx worked full-time at  the production of Bessy from 1969.  In 1970 he got the leadership in the Bessy-studio.
In 1973, he designed Sloeber for “Zonneland”, againn based on the stories of his mother. Dag and Heidi and Sloeber were published early 1980 as a full album at standard publishing company. From 1976 Broeckx was inking the stories of Robert en Bertrand.
Meanwhile, he remained at the head of the production of Bessy. In 1984 he designed a new style for the Bessy-stories and Marck Meul wrote the scenarios full which ecological inspiration. From the series “Bessy Nature series command” were 23 albums published. Since Then,
Broeckx worked at a restyling of the first Bessy-stories of Willy vandersteen. A series he restyled with his – and Vandersteens –  favorite Bessy-story: “The silent witness.” Since 1994  Broeckx works on  the series Water country, for which Marc Legendre writes the scenarios.
He also draws with much bravado commercial strips. In 1998 appeared  monography of Jeff Broeckx,artist and much more. In the same year He also started with the comic series “Verdwaald in het Verleden”, a prestigious history comic in four parts, of which the last part appeared in 2002. Since the death of artist Ray Goossens, Broeckx also draws the stories of Musti, with the scenario by Rachel Frederix.
Since 2002 he is also responsible for the drawings of “Klein Suske en Wiske.”  Broeckx received In 2008 a “Stripvos” for his most remarkable
and rich career.

Ronald Grossey

Ronald Grossey (Antwerp, 1956) is a Flemish author and Publisher.
Ronald Grossey studied Rights from 1974 to 1979  at the UFSIA-UIA University of Antwerp. In 1979 he founded his own publishing company, Exa, that remained a one-man company until 1986.  Exa merged In 1987 with Publisher Dedalus of Rudy Vanschoonbeek.
Until 1994 he was Publishing Editor at Dedalus, Antwerp.  From 1995 until 2000 he was Publishing Editor Strips at standard publishing, Antwerp; and from 2000 to 2008 at The House Of Books, Antwerp; and from 2009 until now Publisher at LinkerOever Publishers.
In addition to various articles in magazines such like Humo, Knack, Spirou and the magazine Tintin, and various comic scenarios
Ronald Grossey also published the following books:
  • 1992: Leopold Vermeiren, De Rode Ridder, Het giftige oog, adaptatie jeugdboek, Facet, Antwerpen-Dronten
  • 1993: Leopold Vermeiren, De Rode Ridder, De zilveren panter, adaptatie jeugdboek, Facet, Antwerpen-Dronten
  • 1993: Goedenavond beste kijkers, over de beginjaren van de Vlaamse televisie, Standaard Uitgeverij, Antwerpen
  • 1995: Groot Lexicon van de TV-series uit de fabuleuze jaren ’50 en ’60 Standaard Uitgeverij, Antwerpen
  • 1995: essay in het boek Suske en Wiske en kunst n.a.v. de tentoonstelling in De Warande in Turnhout, Standaard Uitgeverij
  • 1996: samenstelling Humo’s rock’n’roll gids, Standaard Uitgeverij, Antwerpen
  • 1997: Kiekeboek, i.s.m. Gert Meesters, Standaard Uitgeverij, Antwerpen
  • 1997: Europese steden voor kinderen, toeristische gids, Globe
  • 1997: Merlijn, jeugdboek, Averbode/Altiora
  • 1997: Groot Lexicon van de TV-series uit de spetterende jaren ’70, Van Reemst Uitgeverij – Icarus – Standaard
  • 1998: Jeff Broeckx, tekenaar en zo veel meer,(Standaard uitgeverij)
  • 1998: Siegfried, jeugdboek, Averbode/Altiora
  • 1999: Europese steden voor kinderen, toeristische gids – vermeerderde herdruk, Globe
  • 1999: co-auteur Reizen met de 4×4, toeristische gids, Globe
  • 1999: Londen met kinderen/Londres avec des enfants, toeristische gids, Globe
  • 1999: Parijs met kinderen/Paris avec des enfants, toeristische gids, Globe
  • 2007: Studio Vandersteen, kroniek van een legende 1947-1990, Roularta Books, Roeselare
  • In voorbereiding: Het weekblad Kuifje, het verhaal van een vriendschap