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From the beginning of times

the four magistrates, Dyo, Reka, Aker and Erlin,

the heads of the four houses,

are in line right opposite to each other.

Every man for himself wants to control

the fate of mankind himself.

But the times are changing.

William of Lecce,

an ominous Fifth Magistrate,

presents himself on the scenery and since then is trying

to speed up the end of time …


Igor Kordey

(b. 23/6/1957, Croatia)

Smoke, by Igor Kordey

Croatian-born comic book artist Igor Kordey began his career working on the European market, but eventually found his way to US comic books. In the late 1970s, he was part of the renewing Croatian comic artists group Novi Kvadrat. By the late 1980s, he worked on the series ‘La Saga de Vam’ with writer Vladimir Colin, which was published by the French publisher Les Humanoïdes Associés. For the same publisher, he made the one-shot ‘Les Cinq Saisons: L’Automne’ with Django Nenad in 1990. His first published work in the US was ‘The Wall’ in Heavy Metal magazine. Kordey is best known for his artwork on Grant Morrison‘s run on ‘New X-Men’ at Marvel.

Also for Marvel, he has illustrated (mini)series like ‘Black Widow’, ‘Cable’, ‘Soldier X’ and ‘X-Treme X-Men’. He did art on licensed titles for Dark Horse, including ‘Tarzan: Rivers of Blood’, and ‘Tarzan/Batman: Claws of the Catwoman’. For DC, he has done ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Gorn Crisis’. With scriptwriter Alex De Campi, he started the violent and dark graphic novel series ‘Smoke’ for IDW Publishing. He returned to the French-Belgian market with illustrating the first two volumes in the series ‘L’Histoire Secrète’ for Delcourt.

Stranac by Igor Kordey
Stranac (Yu Strip #83-84, January 1986)