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Vasco is a young Italian, dashing and charming. Belonging to a wealthy family of a Sienese banker, he is regularly sought by his uncle, the wealthy Tolomeï, to resolve various conflicts. Like this we find ourselves, following  the ups and downs of our young banker clerk, in a troubled medieval world where bankers were very influential, and were in power.
Several characters appear more or less regural throughout the series:
Vasco Baglioni, the hero.
Lorenzo Baglioni, brother of Vasco, sometimes defending the same cause, sometimes a rival.
Tolomeï, uncle of Vasco and a rich Sienese banker.
Cola Di Rienzo,  a young politician in Italy, proud of the Roman past, who has a dream to unify Italy.
Sophie Cantacuzène, daughter of the ruler of the empire of Constantinople.
Van Loo,  aDutch baron and companion in adventure of Vasco.

Gilles Chaillet

General information
Born : 3 June 1946
Died : 14 september 2011
Country :  France
Professional comic strip Author
Famous work : Vasco
Portal  : Comics
Gilles Chaillet (Paris, 3 June 1946 – 14 september 2011 ) was a French cartoonist and scenarist, best known for the comic series Vasco.
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Short Biography
Gilles was born in 1946 in Paris and Chaillet was from childhood interested in history in General and the history of Italy in particular. In the beginning the history of Italian Antiquity, and later the history of medieval Italy. In 1965, he goes to work for the French publisher Dargaud, where he took care of the colorization for series such as Laverdure and Blueberry. From 1973 he works anonymously to the 14 small comic booklets about the dog of Obelix, Dogmatix of the Asterix comic book series by René Goscinny  and Albert Uderzo.. From 1976 he works at the comic series Lefranc by Jacques Martin and Alex. In 1979, he begins his own series in the magazine Tintin about the eponymous young bank clerk  Vasco, situated in 14th century Italy. Since 2000 he works with other artists participated in the series Les Voyages d’Orion of screenwriter Didier Convard. In 2001 he begins together with scenarist Bernard Capo  the new series ” Tombelaine”  and in 2002 the series” The last prophecy ” , for which he provides both the story as the drawings. For the  series “Intox” (2003) by Olivier Mangin, he writes the scenarios.
Vasco scenarios and character work
Gold and weapons
The prisoner of Satan
The Byzantine
The limbo of the night
The barons
Shadows on Venice
The devil and the Kathar
The way of Montségur
The dust of Ispahan
The dogs of Ghör Bâhrâm
The forbidden Empire
The Princes of the red city
The grave-diggers of Beelzebub
Magic Spells
The ghost of Bruges
Mémoires de Voyages
The beast
The shadows of the past
The doge of Brocéliande
The Mac Douglas clan
The black Lady
Only character work;  scenarios by Bernard Capo
The awakening of the Dragon
Imminent war
Blood and tears
The mask of Buddha
The last prophecy
scenarios and character work
Trip to hell
The women of Emesa
In the sign of Ba’al
The accursed book
Only scenarios; character work by Olivier Mangin
The fourth power
Operation Pablo
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