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De Tempelier van Notre-Dame


You should not believe anything

because another says so.

You should attach no value to traditions,

because they come to us

from a distant past.

Attaches no value to the writings

of the wise, because these are written

by wise men.

Do not believe to the authority

of our teachers.

We must credence at the written

and spoken word, or to the doctrine,

If this is in agreement with our

own observation and our own conscience.

Proceed then with sincerity,

and with all your ability.


Willy Harold Vassaux

(b. 28/10/1945, Belgium)

Nuts by Willy Harold Vassaux
Nuts! – Bastogne

Willy Harold Vassaux is an artist of mainly historical comics. He is the son of an American aviator who served in Europe during World War II. A pilot himself, Vassaux has created several albums about the Ardennes Offensive in World War II, including ‘NUTS! – Bastogne’ (Lombard, 1984) and ‘La Riposte’ (Hélyode, 1991), both written by Pierre Lepage and appearing under the series title ‘La Bataille des Ardennes’. In 2004, Loup published a third book on this subject, ’20 ans en 45′, for which Vassaux also wrote the script. Between 1986 and 1997 he also made four albums in the historical series ‘Le Templier de Notre-Dame’, published by Dargaud and Dervy (the first two books were scripted by Christian Piscaglia). For Hélyode he drew two albums of ‘Les Colonnes de Salamon’, written by respectively Jean-Marie Parent (1991) and Roger Facon (1995).

In addition he has made one shots like ‘L’Histoire Secrète de l’Ordre du Temple’ (Soleil, 1990), ‘Nicolas Flamel – Les Philosophes par le Feu’ (script J.M. Parent, Soleil, 1990), ‘Tempête du Désert’ (Hélyode, 1991), ‘Le Prix de la Liberté’ (with Jules Metz, Labor, 1993) and ‘Le Luxembourg au Tour de France’ (Casterman, 2002). In 2008, he produced ‘Beijing 2008 La Grande Aventure Olympique’, the first Olympic comic book officially endorsed by IOC and BOCOG. Willy Harold Vassaux has furthermore worked as an art teacher and book illustrator, and has cooperated on several TV productions for the Belgian broadcast company R.T.B.F. between 1982 and 1987.

Le Templier de Notre-Dame by Willy Harold Vassaux
Le Templier de Notre-Dame