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Tante Zenobie (Prudence Petitpas)


Prudence Petitpas is a series of comics published for the first time, in 1957, in the “Kuifje” magazine. It is also a series of cartoons (52 X 26 minutes) aired on TF1 in France and Télé-Québec to the Canada.
Prudence Petitpas lives in the small village of Midge, an imaginary village inspired by an authentic decor,  a village that the author knows well: Sauveterre-de-Rouergue, a charming corner of France between Albi and Rodez where the author spent each summer a month of holidays. Our heroine spends most of her time to solve all kinds of police riddles.
Prudence Petitpas: a charming old lady of a respectable age, and was the inspiration to “the Miss Marple comic”.
Stanislas: its her cat.
Cyprian: the country-guard, always ready to give a hand.
Inspector Robur Duroc: the officer of good will, who will always need caution lights to complete its investigations.
Jojo & cie: small children who can do everything to help madame Prudence in the investigations.
Albums  Editions Lombard:
Tome 1: Prudence Petitpas the investigation (Paperback album, scenario Marshal). 1962
Reprinted in 1986: Album hardcover.
Tome 2: Prudence Petitpas and zero brilliant (Paperback album, Greg scenario). 1966
Also contains the story: the secret of red fish (Greg scenario).
Tome 3: Station (Paperback album, scenario Mittéï) ancestors. 1967
Tome 4: Rifles for Macao (Paperback album, scenario Mittéï). 1967
Also contains the history: Stanislas disappeared (scenario Mittéï).
Volume 5: The secret of red fish (Hardcover album, Greg scenario). 1987
Editions of volumes 1 + 2 + 3 + 5 + Stanislas history has disappeared under the title: investigation of Prudence Petitpas, collection classics of laughter, the Lombard. 2001

Maurice Maréchal

(6/6/1922 – 21/3/2008, Belgium)

Prudence Petitpas, by Maurice Maréchal

Maurice Maréchal is the author of the series ‘Prudence Petitpas’, a series about an old lady who does detective work. Born in Waremme, Maréchal got in touch with publisher Le Lombard magazine through his neighbour Raymond Macherot in 1957. Prudence Petitpas and her cat, Stanislas, made their first appearance in Tintin in that same year. Several stories were published in this magazine until 1969. Maréchal made his stories alone or in cooperation with scenario writers like René Goscinny, Raymond Macherot, Greg and Mittéï.

cover for Tintin by Maurice Marechalcover for Spirou by Maurice Marechal

Maréchal then dropped of from the comics radar for several years, because of his dayjob as a teacher in French and Spanish languages at the Athénée Royal de Verviers. When he retired from his dayjob, Maréchal made five new stories with ‘Prudence Petitpas’, this time published in the magazine Spirou. Maurice Maréchal passed away in Polleur, Belgium, in 2008.

Prudence Petitpas, by Maurice Maréchal


Maurice Maréchal is a Professor of letters and Belgian comic strip cartoonist.
He was born on June 6, 1922 in Waremme in Belgium. It was in 1957 that his professional cartoonist career began when, on the advice of his neighbour and friend Raymond Macherot, he entered the Office of the Lombard editions with his project under the arm, telling a story about an old lady named Prudence Petitpas facing police puzzles. This is not coincidance that he intruduces an older character. Indeed, he noticed that all the successes of the Journal of Tintin characters are young people or children. To do exactly the absolute opposite, this is totaly new and gives him a chance to be noticed.
It is Hergé, Adviser to the newspaper, who suggests to Raymond Leblanc to publish a few story boards. Prudence Petitpas will be present in the log of Tintin from 1957 to 1967 first in the form of short stories, and stories of 22 to 30 boards  finally. Goscinny, Greg and Mittéï will realize the scenario of several stories. This series stopped in 1967, as Maurice Maréchal could not combine his teaching career and his cartoonist career any more. He was, in fact, Professor of French and Spanish at the Athénée Royal de Verviers (today Athénée Royal Thil Lorrain).
It is only in 1983, at the end of his teaching activities, he found back the path of his drawings Board encouraged by Charles Dupuis. Prudence Petitpas is given new adventures (44 plates forming 5 stories) in the journal of Spirou.
He died on 21 March 2008, at polluter (Belgium). Lombard editions published the integral Prudence Petitpas the week of his death .