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In the realm of the cruel King Urvis,
a lot of people are hiding
in the dark forests,
out of range  of the Royal troops.
Jahom, the Paladin,
pulls away from the Empire
to join this “Twilight Tramps”.
On his trip he meets with Porok,
the begger, and Azira, the witch.
The three always bickering figures,
manage to get their hands on
the very strange Treasure of  Urvis …
Money that all three can use for their own best,
but… it is
very strange money …
Living money!


Brice Tarvel was born in Reims and still resides in this city. The action of some of his novels or news is located in the Cité des Sacres or the surrounding area. Passionated from the earliest age by reading and writing, addressing all types or almost, he has published many new in various magazines and anthologies.
During 15 years, he wrote scenarios for comics, whose series Kinh (Éditions Arboris), Mortepierre, Florie – tales of Mortepierre, the troll-darkness (Sun Productions), the adventures of Boogy and Rana (Éditions Joker). Some albums will be translated into several languages and one of them, the pond which narrowed, obtain the Alph – Art youth at Angoulême in 1997.
At the same time, he is the author of books illustrated for children (Poulpia, Ylang) and, under the pseudonym of François Sarkel, has written five novels to various collections of the River Black editions (depression, the flesh under the nail, red Silence, rigged Valley, hunters of chimeras).
Destination nightmare, his sixth novel signed François Sarkel, was published in October 2007 to the editions Black Coat Press, collection Blanche River. More recently, in addition to participation in anthologies, emerged: the ball of lizards (a black polar), the daemon of the attic (novel youth), secret both the editions workshop press, and the records of Harry Dickson, tome 1, Éditions Malpertuis.

Didier Pagot

(Peter Nielsen)

(b. 25/1/1966, France)

Transgénèse, by Didier Pagot

Didier Pagot started out in the comics world with the albums ‘La Dame qui est une Rivière’ and ‘La Louve du Val d’Amour’, which appeared in 1996 and 1997. After a juvenile album (‘La Forêt de Nulle Part’), Pagot took on a semi-realistic style and took on the heroic fantasy ‘Les Traine-Ténèbres’ under the pseudonym Peter Nielsen. He then joined Humanoïdes Associés publishers, where he produced the ‘Transgénèse’ saga together with Anne Ploy and Loïc Malnati.

Transgénèse, by Didier Pagot