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By Talijancic & Runberg


It is the history of the war between the Scandinavian people and the Frankish civilization.
A battle between two worlds,
between a nation of sailing conquerors and a Kingdom in the making.
And behind the people is the battle between the gods of the primitive northern regions and the new god of the Franks,
the God of Rome.
The winter is ocming,
“The punishment of the Snake”,
such as the Svears,
the people, who at the end of the 8th century, live along the Baltic coasts,
call it.
While Harald Larsson is preparing for the wedding with the beautiful Lina,
his village is brutally attacked by the men of the Björn The Beautiful, a man who five years earlier was banished by the” Thing” of the tribe.
The tragic love story of Lina and Herald interweaves with the fate of a newly born Europe.
Because behind the bloodthirsty Björn The Beautiful  hovers the shadow of the creator of an empire,
called …




Boris Talijanjic was born in the Croatian Split and works as a freelance journalist.

When he was one years old he leaves with his family to South America where his father, a doctor, settles for professional reasons. He gets to know comic strip stories, which will be a part of his life from then on.
A few years later the family returned to Split, where Boris goes to College: high school, rights, Academy of fine arts. Back in Europe he learns French and Belgian comic strips. After a number of diverse professional experiences he chooses for his great love: Drawing. Boris focuses on comics, publishes illustrations and cartoons in newspapers and magazines and illustrates children’s books.
In Croatia, he published historical albums and series such as “Tempora barbarorum”: Borna, Equus, Brennus, Drakkar …
Together with Sylvain Runberg he launches  “Hammerfall” ,in  “impression (s) Dupuis” and he puts vikings great pleasure as lifelike as possible.

Runberg (Sylvain)

Sylvain Runberg was born in 1971  in Tournai, the city of Tintin. He could hardly become anything else  than a true comic adept. He grew up under the Southern France Provençal sun and leste his thirst for comic books with Asterix, Batman and Spirou, with snacks of historical stories and several novels, and by doing so  stimulate his imagination.


When this little fellow was a little bit older, he went to explore other horizons: noisy rock, skateboarding and distant countries. He finished his final school-exam in drawing-arts being very good-humoured and was welcomed with open arms within the large family students in Aix-en-Provence.


There followed some turbulent years which he organizing music events varied with nocturnal ethnological investigations and divergent European escapades. Everything on the rhythm of the intensive live with friends. Eventually he obtained-perhaps surprisingly? -a Maitrise in contemporary history.

Then came the time of the important career choices, that ruthless crossroads where the many fail to choose the wright way. Like so many others, this was also Sylvain Runberg ‘s dilemma: what he had to do with his life? Would he become a rock star? Then he would have to live on drugs and a tight leather pants wearing.  Bye bye to personal hygiene! …Or would he become a journalist ?  PPDA seemed so bad at this job that Runberg himself thought this plan could wait. He was even thinking about being a steward, so he could travel free, but his self-sacrifice in order to obtain his licence would make him rest. Then it became clear to him: he had to return to his first love, the comic strip!

Sylvain first worked in a bookstore where he was absorbed by the publishers jungle. He could strangely leave this untamed world unharmed thanks to an unfortunate accident that stuck him to bed for several months. During his recovery period, he began to write and noticed to his amazement that it gave him much satisfaction. He decided to continue. Three of his stories have appeared in publishing house Dupuis: In rooms (part 1: the fourth Man, appears in March 2006), Orbital (a brilliant SF series that in 2006 appears in the collection Spotlight) and Hammerfall (a Viking saga that will appear in the collection impression (s)). He still doesn’t own his own car licence.