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Irrevocable time has fled.
Time is ending…
But you, when you come back and travel through my dreams,
Your arms are more cool than the time of dawn,
Your eyes are more clear…
Thinking of the past, my memories are embrasing you…






Laurent Vicomte

(b. 25/3/1956, France)

Sasmira, by Laurent Vicomte

Laurent Vicomte started his drawing career in the magazines La Presse de la Marche, Spirou, and Scouts de France. In 1977 he worked with Jean-Pierre Gourmellen on ‘Gus’ for Dargaud Presse. A year later his name appeared in Tintin with his series ‘Éduard et Lucie’. Later, this series was published in Pistil, a magazine for which Vicomte also made ‘Clopin’.

After meeting Makyo, Vicomte started ‘La Balade au Bout du Monde’ in Gomme; later, it moved to Circus. This series has won several prizes. Since 1997 Vicomte has been working on the saga ‘Sasmira’ for Humanoïdes Associés.

Balade au Bout du Monde, by Laurent Vicomte