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Rubine is a comic book series drawn by François Walthéry in collaboration with screenwriter Mythic. The series that was published by Le Lombard, issued since 1993, is about a super beautiful redhead policewoman. The Scenery of her adventures are set in the contemporary Chicago.
Rubine Killarney
Rubine Killarney is a Detective. Her father is still the local sheriff away. Hence, she has a taste for police work to do and chose to make a career in the dangerous Chicago as a detective. Meanwhile she is also a police Inspector.
Jay Killarney
Jay is the older brother of Rubine. Jay is a computer specialist which sometimes turns out to be useful. When he has time, he tries, as well as Shirley, to find a suitable husband for his sister.
Shirley is  Rubines colleague. She is just as attractive but is not as strict as Rubine. Also she tries to find a man again and again for Rubine, but to no avail. She is also detective but despite her same degree as Rubine, she stands in the shadow of her colleague Rubine.

François Walthéry

Born 17 January 1946 (1946-01-17) (age 65)
Argenteau, Belgium
Nationality Belgian
Area(s) artist
Notable works Natacha

François Walthéry (born 17 January 1946 in Argenteau near Liège) is a Belgian comics artist, best known for his series featuring an adventurous flight attendant, Natacha.



Walthéry began his career in 1962 during studies at the Institut Saint-Luc in Liège, when he collaborated with scenario writer Mittéï to create his first comic, Pipo.[1] The following year, Walthéry started working for Peyo, assisting on The Smurfs, Johan et Pirlouit and Benoît Brisefer. Eventually he assumed creative responsibility of the series Jacky et Célestin, taking over from Will.[1]

He started his best known work series in 1967, working with a script by Gos to create Natacha.[2] Several years in the making, the series did not make its debut until 26 February 1970, in the comics magazine Spirou.[3]

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    …later continued by other artists.



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