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By Tibet & Duchâteau

Rik Ringers

Ric Hochet
Publication information
Publisher Dargaud
Le Lombard
Format Bande Dessinée
Publication date 1963 – Present
Main character(s) Ric Hochet
Commissaire Bourdon
Creative team
Writer(s) André-Paul Duchâteau
Artist(s) Tibet
Creator(s) André-Paul Duchâteau

Ric Hochet is a Franco-Belgian comics series created by Tibet (drawings) and André-Paul Duchâteau (scripts). It first appeared on March 3, 1955 in the comics magazine Tintin.[1]


The series features the adventures of Ric Hochet, a reporter for the newspaper La Rafale in Paris.


  • Ric Hochet
  • Commissaire Bourdon
  • Nadine
  • Richard Hochet
  • Inspector Ledru
  • Bob Drumond
  • Professor Hermelin
  • “Le Bourreau”
  • Lambert


The series’ name deviated as translations were published across Europe, with the result that it is known as Rick Master in Germany, Rik Ringers in The Netherlands and Flanders, Riku Oksa in Finland and Alan Falk and Rick Hart in Scandinavia. Ric Hochet’s stories were also published in South India in Tamil Language by Prakash Publishers. Ric Hochet is known as “Reporter Johnny” in Tamil.

French English German Italian Finnish Dutch Swedish Tamil
Ric Hochet Ric Hochet Rick Master Ric Roland Riku Oska Rik Ringers Allan Falk /
Rick Hart
Reporter Johnny
Commissaire Bourdon   Kommissar Bourdon Commissario Bourdon   Commissaris Baardemakers   Police Commissioner Boudon
Nadine   Nadine Nadine   Nadine Nadine Nadine
Richard Hochet         Richard Ringers   Richard
Inspecteur Ledru   Inspektor Ledru     Kempers   Inspector Ledru
Bob Drumond         Bob Dalberg   Bob
Professeur Hermelin   Professor Hermelin     professor Hermelijn   Professor Hermelin




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Tibet at Angoulême, January 1989
Born Gilbert Gascard
29 October 1931(1931-10-29)
Marseilles, France
Died 3 January 2010(2010-01-03) (aged 78)
Nationality French
Area(s) artist, writer
Notable works Tintin
Ric Hochet
Chick Bill

Tibet, the pseudonym of Gilbert Gascard (29 October 1931 – 3 January 2010), was a French comics artist and writer in the Franco-Belgian comics genre. Since his debut in 1947, Tibet is known for work produced for the comics magazine Tintin, most notably the long-running series Ric Hochet and Chick Bill.[1]


  • Chick Bill, with scripts by Greg, André-Paul Duchâteau, René Goscinny, 71 albums published since 1954, Le Lombard
  • Ric Hochet, with André-Paul Duchâteau (scenario), 76 albums published since 1963, Le Lombard
  • Le Club des “Peur-de-Rien”, with Greg, (scenario), 9 albums published since 1966, Le Lombard
  • El Mocco le terrible, 1977, Chlorophylle
  • Dave O’Flynn, 2 albums in 1979, Chlorophylle,
  • Les aventures de Globul, with René Goscinny (scenario), 1984 , Magic Strip
  • Mouminet et Alphonse, with Greg (scenario), 1984, Magic Strip
  • Aldo Rémy, 2 albums since 2006, Glénat


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André-Paul Duchâteau

Born 8 May 1925 (1925-05-08) (age 86)
Tournai, Belgium
Nationality  Belgium
Occupation comics writer, mystery novelist

André-Paul Duchâteau (born 8 May 1925) is a Belgian comics writer and mystery novelist. He worked with Tibet on Ric Hochet. He has also written under the pseudonym Michel Vasseur.

1974: Grand Prix de Littérature Policière – French Prize


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