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By Jeanine Rahir

Ridder Walder

Country of origin Belgium
Original taal Nederlands
German (translated)
Genre History
Creation team
Creator (s) Jeanine Rahir
Author (s) Jeanine Rahir
Artist (s) Jeanine Rahir
Current statusLopend?
First publicatie1997
Last publicatie2003
Portal Comics
Ridder Walder is a comic book series, by artist-writer Jeanine Rahir, published by Glénat and continued by Talent. The story is set in the early middle ages (1200-1300) it says the main character Vasa Central. This joins the Teutonic order and experiencing surreal adventures with a Gothic atmosphere. The comic is both as softcover and hardcover released.
Vasa von Stein is a destructive hit Knight and decision to do something actually goes against his principles, with the Teutonic order. The luxury that he brings him to find other thoughts until he falls into two fight with himself. The Vasa Order in which falls North East serves Europe and Voula must do actions with which he disagrees. At some point met the young woman Mygale Voula and leaves for her the Order again. After a short happy period he sells his estate of Stein that he so hated and adds again to this group because dark forces threaten to dominate his life.
There have so far released seven albums:
The prisoners of God (1997)
For the gates of hell (1998)
Deadly victory (1999)
The Knight with the Raven (2001)
Three hearts (2002)
Teutonic Knight (2002)
The cursed country (2003)
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Jeanine Rahir

(b. 4/2/1956, Belgium)

Chevalier Walder by Jeanine Rahir
Chevalier Walder

Jeanine Rahir studied at the Saint-Luc Institute in Liège, together with her twin sister Renée. Between 1985 and 1989, Jeanine and Renée Rahir created numerous short stories for the magazine Tintin and its Dutch equivalent, Kuifje. From the late 1980s she worked almost exclusively for the publishing house Glénat. In 1989, Jeanine scripted ‘Les Voyages de M. Victor’, with art by Marie-José Sacré. In 1991, the sisters made ‘Barry Lan’ together and Jeanine went solo with ‘Chevalier Walder’, a heroic fantasy series published between 1997 and 2003. Jeanine Rahir has also illustrated postcards for Editions Colorprint.