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By Veys & Barral

Philip en Francis

Since a few weeks dramatic events make
the British Empire shake on its foundations.
London experiences tragic times:
women are in revolt and are excel to spectacular,
excessive deeds to free themselves
from the yoke of the male domination.
Only now turns out that the stability
of British society fully is bound to
 the strict discipline to which the women
themselves, until recently, were a protectorate.
Does this behaviour change to the beginning
of an unprecedented catastrophe?
Where does this readful threat come from?
Who has an interest tot set up in ruining the Superior,
British civilization ?
It is to our heroes, Philip and Francis,
to find the answers to these chilling questions.

Pierre Veys

Pierre Veys, born April 7, 1959 in Cambrai is a French writer of comic books.
1 Biography
2 Series
2.1 Baker Street
2.2 Achille Talon
2.3 Boule and Bill
2.4 The adventures of Philip and Francis
Arthur and Merlin 2.5
2.6 Harry Cover
2.7 Adamson
3 Notes and references
Pierre Veys studied in biology but stop this route to devote himself to writing. He began his professional career writing sketches for comedians. He collaborates with Jean-Marie Bigard and France 3 with Philippe Bouvard and the class where he appeared as player [1].
He wrote scenarios for frigid fluid and Spirou. He met Nicolas Barral cartoonist with whom he creates the Baker Street series in 1999. He has written scenarios for two albums of Boule and Bill and two albums of Achille Talon
Baker Street : Tome 1: Sherlock Holmes is afraid of nothing (1999)
Tome 2: Sherlock Holmes and the dangerous (2001) sports Club
Tome 3: Sherlock Holmes and the men of the Camellia (2002)
Tome 4: Sherlock Holmes and the shadow of the M (2003)
Volume 5: The horse murmurait in the ear of Sherlock Holmes (2008)
Achille Talon : Tome 47: Achille Talon Crystal screen (2007) (drawing Moski)
Tome 48: Achille Talon did not stop progress (2009) (drawing Moski)
Boule and Bill : volume 31: seed cocker (2007) (drawing Laurent Verron)
Tome 32: My best friend (2009) (drawing Laurent Verron)
The adventures of Philip and Francis: Tome 1: threats to the empire (2005) (Nicolas Barral drawing)
Volume 2: The trap Machiavellian (2011) (drawing Nicolas Barral)
Arthur and Merlin : Tome 1: Kid Arthur (2004)
Volume 2: The armies of the past (2005)
Harry Cover : volume 1: the bewitching parody (2005)
Volume 2: The eaters of English (2007)
Tome 3: Saving the witch Cover (2008)
Tome 4: Maze monsters (2010)
Adamson : Tome 1: operation Spitsbergen (2009)
Tome 2: In the eye of the nightmare (2009)
Notes and references
↑ Veys, Pierre [archive] on BDGest

Barral Nicolas 

Nicolas Barral is a French comic strip artist born on December 22, 1966 in Paris. Former student at the lycée Louis-Le-Grand (Paris), he passes a bin A1, and then starts OK Podium on the realization of the comic pages. In a contest of young talent, he is noticed by Jean-Christophe Delpierre, who invited him to join the team of cold fluid.
First project in 95 with the wings of lead, it carries out with Christophe Gibelin. Then. He worked with Pierre Veys on news that highlight scene famous detective Sherlock Holmes and the good Dr. Watson but under a very surprising day!
 the lead wings
Baker Street
God did not answer to any
My Grandpa is a ghost
The adventures of Philip and Francis