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By Fauche, Leturgie & Luguy


Percevan is a series of albums of band comic scripted by Jean Léturgie and Xavier Fauche (for seven albums), illustrated by Philippe Luguy and pre-published in gum! in 1981. The adventures take place in a medieval world where magic is its role. The series is more mature and darker could think at first in view of the drawing while Luguy plumpness.
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Percevan: the hero
Kervin: Troubadour, Playboy, friend of Percevan. He is constantly hungry.
Guimly: small animal of the simlusnanus race.
Balkis: sorceress, after meeting with Percevan she abandons the black magic.
Altaïs: sorceress, sister of Balkis.
Shyloc’h: repellent character, servant of Balkis.
Sharlaan: Sorcerer
Mortepierre: Baron. He wants that power and wealth.
Polémic: servant of Mortepierre.
Ciensinfus: evil sorcerer.
 # TitreAnnéeScénaristeDessinateurISBNEditeur
Ingaar cycle
1 Three-star Ingaar1982Jean LéturgiePhilippe LuguyISBN 2-7234-0298 3Glénat
2The Léturgie, Xavier FauchePhilippe LuguyISBN 2 7234 0392 0Glénat Glaces1983Jean Tomb
Ganaël cycle
3 The sword of Ganaël1984Jean Léturgie, Xavier FauchePhilippe LuguyISBN 0Glénat 2-7234-0442
Aslor cycle
4Le Léturgie, Xavier FauchePhilippe LuguyISBN 2 2050 2827 8Dargaud Aslor1985Jean countries
El Jerada cycle
5The hourglass of El Jerada1986Jean Léturgie, Xavier FauchePhilippe LuguyISBN 2 205 03159 7Dargaud
Ainock cycle
6 Keys to Feu1988Jean Léturgie, Xavier LuguyISBN 2 205 03457 XDargaud FauchePhilippe
7Types Lords of the Enfer1992Jean Léturgie, Xavier FauchePhilippe LuguyISBN 2 205 03728 5Dargaud
Serum Émeraude1995Jean Léturgie, Xavier FauchePhilippe LuguyISBN 2 205 04152 5Dargaud Table
Arcantane cycle
9 Arcantane Noire1996Jean LéturgiePhilippe LuguyISBN 8Dargaud 2 205 04464
Azis cycle
10Le master of Étoiles1998Jean LéturgiePhilippe LuguyISBN 2 205 04548 2Dargaud
Cycle of the seven seals
11The seals of the Apocalypse2001Jean LéturgiePhilippe LuguyISBN 2 205 04765 5Dargaud
12The seventh Sceau2004Jean LéturgiePhilippe LuguyISBN 3Dargaud 2 205 05223
Cycle China
13. Lands without RetourJuin 2010Jean LéturgiePhilippe LuguyISBN 978-2205-05662-4Dargaud
The Malicorne2005regroupe shadows the volumes the Cycle of Ainock + graphical specification of 8 pages
A forthcoming
14Les Eliandysse2011Jean LéturgiePhilippe Luguy steps?Dargaud
15 Acting eighth Royaume2012?Jean LéturgiePhilippe Luguy?Dargaud
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Table of Emerald: text written in the 9th century.
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Philippe Luguy

Name of birth : Guy-Philippe Liéron
Date of birth : 29 November 1948
Paris France
Profession (s) comic strip artist
Philippe Luguy, real name Guy-Philippe Liéron, born in Paris on November 29, 1948 is a comic artist.
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Self-taught drawing , he gets to know, at the age of 18 years, Bonnet, Pellos and Godard to give him advise and encourage. After having published a few plates in blue collar, smiley, Princess, he worked for small journals, (Akim, Kiwi, Lancelot), as well as for various newspapers: Fripounet, formula 1, friend-Coop, etc.) In 1974, he created Sylvio on cricket in the Pif journal, which will be released until 1982.
His first album, Cyril and the castle of a thousand diamonds, out to the Garnier editions in 1977. Then he participates with Le Guen, Gaty, Deynis and Lenvers, under the pseudonym of Five Star series Albator conducted a series of T.V. (5 albums with the Éditions Dargaud from 1980 to 1981). He worked also for French television, in 1980, in also broadcasts various that the adventure of plants, with Jean-Pierre Cuny and Jean-Marie Pelt, space Fabbri, with Jacques Fabbri and Bernard Mabille, Tibères with b. Deflandre and P. Vialet, Thalassawith William Garit and Georges Pernoud, etc. Then the following year, he creates Percevan, his most famous series, log gum!
1985: Prize “Betty Boop” of the best youth Album at the Festival of Hyères (Percevan)
1986: Prize of Public in Festival de Belfort (Percevan)
1988: Prize “Athis d’Or” of the best draughtsman in Athis-Mons (Percevan).
1989: Youth Award in the Festival de Creil (Sylvio)
1990: Prix du Public at St-Christole-lez-Ales (Karolyn)
1990: Youth Award in the Festival de Blois (Percevan)
1992: Award for the best child BD to the Festival of Kokfijde – Belgium (Percevan)
Percevan: scenario Jean Léturgie & Xavier Fauche (Glénat and Dargaud) – site
The three stars of Ingaar (1982)
The tomb of ice (1983)
The sword of Ganaël (1984)
The country of Aslor (1985)
The hourglass of El Jerada (1986)
The keys to fire (1988)
The Lords of hell (1992)
The table of Emerald (1995)
The black Arcantane (1996)
The master of the stars (1998)
The seals of the Apocalypse (2001)
The seventh seal (2004)
the land of no return (2010)
Percevan: Out of Collection:
The Malicorne shadows (2005) (with the # 6 to # 8 volumes)
Gildwin: scenario Allan Toriel & Philippe Luguy (Jos) – site
Legends Ocean (June 2008)
The magnificent storyteller (forthcoming in early 2009)
Sylvio: scenario Gilbert Lions – site
MC Productions
The threat of red clover (1988)
Bernard Grange Editions
Small stories against cockroach (2004)
Coup of cockroach for Jack (2005)
Jack the Cafard becomes entangled (2005)
Jack of the mountains (2006)
Cyril: scenario Philippe Luguy – site
The castle of a thousand diamonds (1977)
Karolyn: scenario Philippe Luguy – site
The castle of a thousand diamonds (1989)
The country of loneliness (1990) co-writer Gilbert Lions
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Jean Léturgie

Jean Léturgie is a comic book writer. He was born on December 24, 1947 in Caen. He is the father of Simon Léturgie, with whom he collaborated on numerous projects.
The three stars of Ingaar (1982)
The tomb of ice (1983)
The sword of Ganael (1984)
The country of Aslor (1985)
The hourglass of el Jerada (1986)
The keys to fire (1988)
The Lords of hell (1992)
The Emerald table (1995)
The black arcantane (1996)
The master of the stars (1998)
The seals of the apocalypse (2001)
The seventh seal (2004)
The shadows of Malicorne (2005) off collection
Lucky Luke (most often with Xavier Fauche)
Sarah Bernhardt (1982)
The Daily Star (1984)
The ranch cursed (1986)
The Pony express (1988)
The amnesia of the Dalton (1991)
The Dalton at the wedding (1993)
Bridge on the Mississippi (1994)
Klondike (Co writer with Yann) (1996)
Rataplan (mostly with Xavier Fauche)
De mascotte (1987)
The Godfather (1988)
Rataplan gijzelaar (1992)
De Clown (1993)
Blooper 1 (1993)
Blooper 2 (1993)
Collectie van gags 1 (1993)
Collectie van gags 2 (1993)
The fugitive (1994)
De boodschapper (1995)
Kid Lucky
Kid Lucky (1995)
Oklahoma Jim (1998)
Katoen Kid
De wet en de heer Pinkerton (1999)
Charivari in de Bayous (2000)
Z als Sorro (2000)
De Trail Chisholm (2001)
De zevende vrouw van Geronimo (2002)
Zwarte Coyote (2003)

Xavier Fauche

Date of birth :30 April 1946
Nationality France
Profession (s) writer of comic books, essayist, novelist
Activity (s) main (s) Manager of company
DistinctionsChevalier in the order of Arts and letters.
He is of Scottish origin [1].
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2.1 Comics writer
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Studies and career
A graduate of the higher school of Commerce and Administration business of le Havre [2], Xavier Fauche performs his military service to establish film and photographic of the armed forces.
He entered France Inter in 1972 as an assistant and becomes quickly director-producer, particularly for Anne Gaillard, Macha Béranger, Eve Ruggieri, Jean-François Kahn, and José Artur for the famous Pop-Club [2].
It is also host to blue Radio [2].
In 1991, it creates A bubble in [2], specialized agency in the communication of companies and institutions by the comic strip. The relevance of this innovative idea is evidenced by the most prestigious references: the National Assembly, Michelin, DGA, the National Institute of consumption, Boulogne-Billancourt, Lafarge, Bouygues…
Since 1993, he is Director of the mutual of authors and composers drama [2], which he was President from 2002 to 2005.
Xavier Fauche is chevalier in the order of Arts and letters [1].
Writer of comics  for Lucky Luke [3] (with Jean Léturgie)
Sarah Bernhardt (1983), the Daily Star (1984), the Ranch cursed (1985), Pony Express (1988), the amnesia of the Dalton (1991), the Dalton at the wedding (1993), the bridge on the Mississippi (1994), Belle Starr (1995) and O.K. Corral (1997).
For Rantanplan (with Jean Léturgie)
The mascot (1987), the Godfather (1988), Rantanplan hostage (1992), the clown (1993), blooper 1 and blooper 2 (1993), the fugitive (1994), Le Messager (1995), Le Chameau (1997), on the foot of war (2008).
For Percevan
The tomb of ice (1983), the sword of Ganaël (1984), the hourglass of El Jerada (1985), the fire key (1985), the Lords of hell (1992), the Emerald table (1995).
For the Marsupilami [3]
Rififi in Palombia (1995), Houba Banana (1997).
Tribute to Uderzo (1995), singular Job and Coach interviews (2005).
Practical books, essays and novels
The art of cooking the remains (1975), Rouquin, rouquine (1985), Tics of time (1987), nothing is lost, everything is retrieves (1988), the sorrow of love (1989), Gaffes on gaffes (1989), the Parrot of Sarah (1992), Roux and rousses (1997).
For television [edit] creation of forward-looking sequences in French of the Fraggle Rock series (Jim Henson).
Adaptation of various Lucky Luke albums.
Creating scenarios and dialogues for the series “Les Tifous” (51 episodes).
Notes and references
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A bibliography detailed and embellished photo: planet Lucky Luke
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