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By Stallaert & Leemans


Nino is a comic book series, by Hec Leemans (scenario) and Dirk Stallaert (drawings).
In 1989, Hec Leemans was looking for someone who wanted to create one of his smaller ideas. Via cartoonist Jean-Pol he met Dirk Stallaert. He was immediately asked as artist for a new comic creation, which Leemans had conceived. Stallaert immediately said yes.
The new comic creation was Nino, an orphan boy from the thirties, who flees in the first album from the orphanage and as a stowaway to the United States.
The stories are published by Le Lombard Publishing House.
The stories are also in France, Portugal and Turkey issued.
1. The trip to America
2. the Princess of Manhattan
3. the great dragon

Hector (Hec) Leemans

(Temse, January 28, 1950) is a Flemish comics artist.
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His first commercial comic book biography was a gagreeks around Circus Maximus, started in 1969. These strips appeared in the Dutch comic magazine Eppo (1977) and later in Spirou and in the Suske en Wiske Weekblad.
He is best known for Bakelandt!. The first story in this series appeared from 20 October 1975 in the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws and De Nieuwe Gazet. For the scenarios was Daniel Jansen’s responsible, but after the death of the latter took Hec Leemans also the scenarios for his account. In 1990 he began two new series: Nino, signed by Dirk Stallaert, and the strip Kowalsky. In 1997, Hec Leemans a comic series with the figures of the one-series FC De Kampioenen. Thanks to the enormous popularity of the television series, was also this humorous series with the same title a success. Tom Bouden assists him in this series. Now Hec Leemans also strips of W817, a television series on Ketnet.
Awards in 1977
 Hec Leemans and Daniel were Jansens awarded the comic book price guide (now the Bronze Adhemar). This is the highest distinction in Flanders as comics author can get.
He has a cameo in the Kiekeboealbum Choose Peekaboo as a boyfriend of Fanny. His name is there: “Hector Leepmans”.
In the Nero album the gang of Lamu (1987) is in strip 31 the street name “Rue Hector Leemans”-see.
In album Jump Josefina, jump! from the man!-strip series Hec Leemans momentarily forth as a driver of a truck.
In album days In good and evil from the man! comic book series, is Hec Leemans seen on a poster.
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Dirk Stallaert


Dirk Stallaert (Brussels, 28 december 1955) is a Belgian comics artist, best known for his collaboration with the comic series Nero (1992-2003), the Kiekeboes (2003-2005) and Suske en Wiske (from 2006).
He worked as a cartoonist in Knack, where he drew the series Strangers in the Gazet van Antwerpen, he worked for Jean-Pol, worked on the series Nino with Hec Leemans, and had in addition many other commands.
As Assistant to Marc Sleen drew Stallaert since 1992 for years, the adventures of Nero.
He won several awards, including the Bronze Adhemar in 1995. The jury report compared him with both the great Belgian cartoonists as Hergé and Bob De Moor, as with the masters of the Flemish School: Marc Sleen and Willy vandersteen.
In 2003, after long deliberation, due to the discontinuation of the Nero suite, he decided an offer from Merho to accept and in his The Kiekeboes series as artist.
In addition, he draws two gag-strips on scenarios of Urbanus: en. Pedal to the metal and Plastronneke and Mieleke Melleke Mol.
After three years “Peekaboo” leaves the end of december 2005 Merho Stallaert from January 2006 to work as artist by Studio vandersteen. In 2005, he has a few gags signed for the new series of jokes of Lambic.
From time to time he also works together with Erik Meynen, inter alia, for the standard, Unizo and Fedra.
The following is a list of comic book series, which has written Stallaert or to which he contributed.
Knight Digest (1981-1982)
Arsenic (1982)
Waspman (1983)
Dionies d ‘ Oldenboom (1984)
The Strangers (1985) (with Patrick Vermeir)
Kitty (1986-1991) (with Patrick Vermeir)
Nino (1989-?) (with Hec Leemans)
Nero (1992-2003) (with Marc Sleen)
The Kiekeboes (2003-2005) (with Merho)
Pedal to the metal and Plastronneke (2004-) (with Urbanus)
Mieleke Melleke Mol (2004) (with Urbanus)
The jokes of Lambic (2005-2006) (with Studio vandersteen)
Suske en Wiske (2006-) (at Studio vandersteen)
Pakkeman and Poulet (with Erik Meynen)
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Official Web site:  HetUNIVERSUMvan Dirk Stallaert