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By Dufaux & Delaby


Murena is a name (cognomen) used by a Roman plebeian family from Lanuvium belonging to the gens Licinia. It is supposed to be derived from the fondness of a family member for lampreys (murenae).

The most prominent members of the family were Lucius Licinius Murena, who was defended by Cicero in 62 BC against a charge of bribery in the extant speech Pro Murena, and his father of the same name who was defeated by Mithridates in Asia in 81 BC.

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Murena is a historic comic book series by Jean Dufaux and Philippe Delaby, while the colorization provided by Jérémy Petiqueux. The series is set in ancient Rome at the time of Emperor Nero. The strip is mainly characterized by its realistic style and the additional historical information.
 Lucius Murena: main character, a young Roman patrician whose
mother was murdered on the orders of Nero’s mother, Agrippina. Together with the gladiator Balba, he confronts Nero.
The Emperor Nero
Massam: a cruel gladiator in the service of Nero.
Balba: Gladiator befriended Murena.
1 Purper and Goud1997
2 Zand and Bloed1999
3 A perfect moeder2001
4 To those who are going to die …2002
5  black godin2006
6 Het blood of the beesten2007
7 Een life of vuur2009
8  revenge as2010
Murena (Integral)
1 First cyclus integral2005

Jean Dufaux

Born 7 June 1949 (1949-06-07) (age 61)
Occupation Writer, Journalist
Nationality Belgian
Genres Comic Books
Notable work(s) Jessica Blandy

Jean Dufaux (b. 7 June 1949 in Ninove) is a Belgian comic book writer. Initially beginning his professional career as a journalist for “CINÉ-PRESSE”,[1] Dufaux started writing comic books in the 1980s. Perhaps his most well-known, and certainly his most long-running, series is Jessica Blandy.

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  1. ^ Dupuis Biography of Jean Dufaux (french)

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Name Dufaux, Jean
Alternative names  
Short description  
Date of birth 7 June 1949
Place of birth Ninove
Date of death  
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Philippe Delaby

Philippe Delaby (born 1961) is a Belgian comic book artist. He completed his studies at the École des Beaux-Arts in Tournai, whereupon he pressure studied art and typography. He began making illustrations for the magazine Tintin, before historical comics in collaboration with scenarist Yves Duval. His best known works are Murena and the last 2 parts of the lament of the lost Provinces, with Jean Dufaux.
Arthur in the legendary Kingdom (scenario: Yves Duval)
Bran (scenario by Jean-Luc Vernal)
Jessica Blandy
The lament of the lost regions (scenario: Jean Dufaux)
Short Stories
Murena (scenario: Jean Dufaux)
The Polar Star (scenario: Luc Dellisse)
Richard the Lionheart (scenario: Yves Duval)
Super Tintin