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The Mini-mensjes

The little people is a comics series by Pierre Seron published since 1974 by Dupuis. Seron did the scenarios and the character work at 26 albums itself, for the other, he was assisted by the screenwriters Jean Mariette (under the pseudonyms Hao and Mittéï), Albert Desprechins, Roland Goossens (CIS) and Walter Goossens (Walt). After 2004, there are no more new translated albums appeared for the Dutch market. In the original French language goes through the series. Last published part is number 43 Castel Montrigu published in March 2007.
Main characters are De Vries , his friends Appelaar and Strooker, professor Hondegger, Miss Vellum, pilot Bommer , Grethel and many others. The people of the mini little people was formed by a mysterious meteorite, found that the dimensions of the people greatly reduces when touched. Fortunately, the professor a means to temporarily display this. In the first album drives a truck with 10 tonnes of porcelain in a dam, causing the village Ellendam is threatened by a flood and it eventually should be abandoned. One finds a few caves on the coast along the ocean where Ellendam II is founded. Play the following stories here. The Coleopter is the futuristic air vehicle with which many of the threats can be averted. In the stories play present, past and future are at the same time.

Pierre Seron



Born 9 February 1942 (1942-02-09) (age 69)
Chênée, Belgium
Nationality Belgian
Area(s) artist, writer
Pseudonym(s) Foal
Notable works Les Petits hommes
Les Centaures

Pierre Seron is a Belgian comic book artist born in Chênée (Liège) on 9 February 1942.


He spent the first few years of his life in Liège then followed the work transfers of his father, an engineer, to Montreal, Canada, Libourne, France, the Bordeaux region, Givet in the Ardennes region and then returned to Liège, where Seron began his studies at the Saint-Luc school.[1]

Seron started in the comics industry as an assistant designer to Dino Attanasio and Mittéï under the pseudonym Foal, working on series such as André Franquin‘s Modeste et Pompon.[2] Launching his own work, the series Les Petits Hommes (The Little Men), initially in collaboration with journalist Albert Despréchins, began serial publication in Spirou on 7 September 1967, a run continuing into 2004. Revisiting the pseudonym Foal, he created the series La Famille Foal which was published in Pif gadget from 1973 to 1976, later published in albums under the name La Famille Martin.[2] His series Aurore et Ulysse (alternately known as Les Centaures) started serial publication on 23 June 1977, also in Spirou.

Seron currently lives in the south of France, near Nîmes, where he continues to work on his series, to which he has recently added Les Petites Femmes (The Little Women) aimed at the adult market.

His nephew Frédéric Seron is also a comics author. Signing his work “Clarke”, he is best known for writing Mélusine.[3]

Partial bibliography

  • Les Petits hommes, 44 albums (1972–) (“The Little Men”) — the adventures of a Lilliput-like community of little people, but set in modern times.
  • Les Centaures, 6 albums (1982–1989) (“The Centaurs”) — the stories of a centaur couple in a mythical world.
  • La Famille Martin, 2 albums (1990–1993) (“The Martin Family”) — a family’s trials and tribulations.
  • Les Petites femmes, 5 albums (1999–2007) (“The Little Women”) — small, pygmie-sized women who live on a tropical island — for adult readers!


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