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By Mig & Richez


This morning  a tomb was discovered from the 1st century
by a Jewish professor,
who is well known for his revisionist writings
about the virginity of Mary …
A tomb that could be the one of the Apostle
James the lesser
and therefore would be able to deliver
the proof
of a brother band with Christ,
and thereby shake  the dogma
about the Immaculate Conception
on its foundations…

Hervé Richez

Nickname (s) perche
Naissance 23 July 1967
Malo-Les-Bains, North, France
Nationalité Français
Profession (s) comic strip writer
Other editorial in Bamboo activitésDirecteur
Hervé Richez, also known as Perche, born July 23, 1967 in Malo-Les-Bains, in the North is a comic strip writer and Director editorial publishing house, Bamboo.
Hervé Richez was born in Malo-les-Bains in the North in 1967. In 1991, after his scientific tray, he is a graduate of the Institute of scientific economy and management with bac + 5. After his business studies at the IÉSEG located within the University and Polytechnic Lille Federation, Hervé Richez began his military service in the air force. He met Eric Miller.
In 1997, he began his career in the comic strip with his friend Eric Miller starting series Buzzi. Albert Uderzo, he will honour of a preface to his first album with Eric.
In 1998, he released a promotional album on the euro on behalf of the North called Pampouille the European agricultural credit.
In 1999, the second volume of Buzzi Gets an award from the children themselves in Brignais. The same year, he met Olivier Sulpice editor and creator of Bamboo. Dirty Henry will come in June 2001, that is drawing Henri Jenfèvre and Olivier Suplice which publishes.
In 2001, volumes 1 and 2 of Buzzi are republished in Bamboo with the release of volume 3 in April, another comic book entitled Mr, the great moments of your life is published and Dirty Henry 1 has been released for sale. Buzzi 3 won the Youth Award, to Arles and Mr the great moments of your life in Brignais in November.
In 2002, he signed a new series entitled the eraser in Vents D’ouest, Henri Jenfèvre which will draw this comedy series with 5 albums will emerge until 2007.
In November 2009, he associated himself with the artist Jean Barbaud, creator of the famous cartoon series it was once… man and specialist air cartoons, to animate a series of humorous comic strip in a squadron of the Pacificin 1942: the Dézingueurs.
Since then, he multiplied the albums in three areas: the humour, the thriller and institutional communication. He also became Director of collection in Bamboo where he published a series on America entitled Sam Lawry with Mig and Le Messager, a thriller in the world of the Church. In addition, Hervé Richez also regularly collaborates with the journal Spirou and published also in Dupuis a series entitled the chickens of Kentucky.
Buzzi (3 tomes) from 1998 to 2002
Poorly before client benefits never (1 tome) in 2002
The wretched of the road (2 tomes) 2002-2004
The Dézingueurs (1 tome) in 2009
Dirty Henry (2 volumes) from 2001 to 2002
The eraser (5 volumes) from 2003 to 2008
The molten (10 volumes) since 2007
Groom Lake (4 volumes) from 2006 to 2009
Krän (1 tome) in 2005
Dear (One shot) in 2001
The Messenger (6 volumes) from 2003 to 2010
The Musicos (1 tome) in 2008
The chickens of Kentucky (2 volumes) from 2009 to 2010
Sam Lawry (6 volumes) 2002-2010


Born in 1975 in the neighbourhood of Lille, dreaming Mig there already as a child to be able to tell stories like those of his favourite heroes of Goldorak-generation.

In 1995 he retrieves his diploma for animation drawing and spatial, Visual communication. He has just finished his studies as he started at Et cetera, the official studio Editons Albert René. He begins his training with the Brush tool by several figures from Asterix to subscribe to various materials for the merchandising. In 1999 he participated in the fanzine The End and meets Hervé Richez on a comics festival. From this encounter follows the creation of Sam Lawry in 2001 and in 2002 of Messenger.
He is a freelance artist and works both for the publicity as the merchandising products. He draws the comic strip Winnie the Pooh in Winnie Lecture and Winnie Magazine. There is a promising future for this young, full of future projects, artist.