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By Clarcke & Gilson

Melisande is a series of comic strip.
Screenplay: François Gilson
Drawing: Clarke
Color: cherry

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 “Young” (119 years old) and beautiful witch, Mélusine is au pair girl in a castle in Transylvania. The housewife is the ghost of a woman with the dirty character, her husband a vampire and the Footman a sort of creature of Frankenstein. Mélusine follows a school of witchcraft.
Recurring characters [edit] Mélusine: witch very beautiful and very talented in magic, she secretly dreams find a day her prince charming;
Cancrelune: friend of Mélusine. really very awkward which, moreover, cannot stand on a broom;
Mélisande: cousin of Melusine, a fairy, ashamed of the family; She is pretty but stupid;
Adrazelle: Melusine aunt; It has a taste for Toad soup and other obnoxious things, its café seems terribly strong. Like Cancrelune, Adrazelle has some difficulty a landing with his brooms;
Krapella: another friend and classmate of Mélusine; Note that black clothes become more and more light over the albums;
The Duchess Aymée Döperzonn: a woman become a ghost which employs Mélusine for the maintenance of his mansion, she abhors that it “crosses”;
Earl Gonzaga Hernyvanz: vampire, husband of the Duchess; sometimes in prey to crises of bulimia growing bite everything in sight to the Castle, on the often see now smoking a cigarette or even drink a glass of blood;
Winston: Butler of the castle that resembles the Frankenstein creature. We learn in volume 11 (at the school of the puppet) that Winston is the creature of the grandfather of doctor Kartoffeln, Herr Kartoffeln, which the considered his own son;
the werewolf: lovers of Mélusine. It lets see this form because its human face is quite ugly. It appears less frequently in the last few albums because Mélusine finds her prince charming among the Knights of the corner;
Doktor Kartoffeln: rear small son of the last “live” of the Castle owner. Real Dr. Frankenstein, he engages in quite wacky experiments in the basement of the Castle;
The priest: parish priest of the village near the Castle, his obsession is to burn at the stake all witches in the area in General and Melusine in particular;
Professor Haaselblatt: one of the teachers of the school of magic where Mélusine is a student, which he is more the Director. He frightens a large part of its class, examinations in a torture chamber, and “trifouille the brains of its students with the nails of knowledge”.
Professor Purulóvşkovar: another of the teachers of the school of witchcraft. He is suffering from a “failure to pronunciation” that it continually insects spit in speaking.
GLobule, young very turbulent vampire, son of the cousin of the Earl.

François Gilson

Gilson, is a Belgian comic writer born November 16, 1965.

At school, he already attended Clarke in his class with which he creates a fanzine called “Cafard”. The direction of the Catholic establishment unsettling and expels two comrades to the first pretext came.
Still with Clarke, he later joined the Royal Academy of the Fine Arts of Liège but quickly finds that instead of the latter, did is good enough at drawing to make anything other than a hobby. However, his imagination to invent scenarios allows him to remain in the domain of the comic strip.
It then sends one of his projects to one of the heads of the journal of Spirou, Raoul Cauvin, which, interested, in fact follow the record to the editor of the journal of the time, Patrick Pinchart, which encourages Gilson to continue in this way. Cartoonist Marc Hardy brings also support and taught him the tricks of the trade.
But despite this, it is difficult to convince. He suffered many refusal, works “volunteer” to the “Unpayable” fanzine to finally publish in 1987 his first album with Clarke, “Rebecca – happy birthday, Grandpa.” It is then going to Germany do his military service (being born there) and performs every day return Belgium-Germany in a postal truck.
Refusal and perseverance, he manages to find a small place in the world of comics and began drawing for the Spirou magazine. He invented “Africa Jim” with Clarke, a series “demoralizing” telling the stories of an anti-aventurier exists still today (in the topic “tag to cartoon” journal).
But it is “Garage Isidore” which became his first true series in 1990 and he entrusted the drawing, one year after the creation of the project, to Olis.
In 1992, he created “Melusine” with Clarke who meets a comfortable success. And since then, he creates other series to success at Dupuis as “Cactus Club” with Bercovici.
Currently, he works on a realistic polar. He also says he is tempted by the cartoon, he has already done a few scenario appearances of Spip (squirrel Spirou & Fantasio) on of very short films, which were broadcast on TF1 on the show for any Spip morning child.
Publications [edit] Cactus Club
Garage Isidore


Name of naissanceFrédéric Seron

Naissance16 November 1965

Liège, Belgium


Profession (s) comic strip artist

FamillePierre Seron (uncle)

Clarke, his real name Frédéric Seron, is a Belgian comic strip cartoonist born in Liège on November 16, 1965.

He began his career as an illustrator for fashion for Brussels agencies before presenting, for Spirou, his first series in 1990: burglars with Crosky scenario. This series will ever come album.

He draws for Spirou, the series Mélusine with François Gilson; since 1992 Babysitters, under the pseudonym of Valda on Christian Godard scenarios between 1997 and 1999.

He participates in the small dirty stories, parodies of classic tales, with Yann (two volumes published in 1997 and 1998).

With Midam as co-screenwriter, between 1998 and 2000, he draws three volumes of the series during the work, the exhibition continues…, where all the characters, at least in the first two albums, have the characteristic of goggles. The third is a mockery on the paranormal beliefs. When Midam, too captured by his own series, decides not to devote, Clarke will only continue and perform the miracle of life in 2004. A fifth album the world is blurred out in 2009, concurrently with the new edition of the four first volumes under the generic title stories with glasses.

Next to these collaborations, and in the same kind of humor stories to glasses, Clarke has made several albums in cold fluid: therapies in bulk, P.38 and pantyhose, Castle Montrachet, Cosa nostra and stories of France (where he created scenarios for the designer Olivier Wozniak).

More recently, he is Mister President (5 volumes published between 2004 and 2009) to editions of Lombard, in the same kind of humor this time more in phase with the news. For the same publishing house, he scénarisera also the series Dr. Bonheur cartoonist Turk (3 volumes published between 2007 and 2009). In 2010, still from the same Editor, he began the series of Cosa nostra. Three albums out: a reprint of the first volume colorized appeared in cold fluid (Sicilia Bella), and two new volumes (La Mano Nera and Pizza Connection)…

In another he released in 2005, with Denis Lapière as co-screenwriter, Luna Almaden in the collection area free at Dupuis. This album sees the radically style to address a more realistic design. The two authors who know to have previously collaborated on the series the key to the mystery in 2003, will emerge a new collaboration in 2009: Urielle in Quadrants, always in the same realistic vein.

Although strongly influenced by the school of Marcinelle, own Spirou log is, the production of Clarke indeed an atypical author to the unpredictable course.

He is the nephew of Pierre Seron, the author of the the small Dupuis men series.

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