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By Gaudin & Danard



Marlysa is a series of heroic fantasy comic strip created by Jean-Charles Gaudin and Jean-Pierre Danard.
Scenario: Jean-Charles Gaudin
Drawings: Jean-Pierre Danard
Colours: Sabine Fuentes
Storyboard: Crisse
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3.1. The Cycle of origins
3.2. The Cycle of the sword
4 The 1 tome errors
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 Village of Tolden near the forest of Morjeal. A baby abandoned by a strange creature… On its face: a terrible secret that covers a mask and under the mask, that which will become the beautiful and spirited Marlysa. In the distance, a deaf and worrying threat begins to tear. Beyond the mysterious ocean mists, there are responses on its origins. His friends Tatrin, Cilia, Ossian and Stirius accompanying the journey dangerous to confront “The other side” and thus disrupt their fate creating Marlysa legend, the woman in the mask.
Marlysa: girl blonde and sensual, Marlysa spends most of his time, either to cross the railway with its friends or enemies, or seek answers about its unknown origins. Her adoptive parents, Randin and Telsi, found, abandoned in their stables by an unusual creature, whereas it had only a few months. It was therefore decided that she would keep her face hidden, for always under a mask.
Telsi: Woman of Randin and adoptive mother of Marlysa is she decides to keep the baby after its discovery.
Randin: Husband of Telsi and adoptive father of Marlysa, was little favorabla to what Telsi keeps the baby. It does not support that Marlysa is not his mask and out of its hinges very easily.
Cilia: Best friend of Marlysa and daughter of Axane, Cilia is a girl well jouflue, always positive, it will be very love with Ossian.
Tatrin: Narrator of the story, secretly in love with Marlysa, he lost his left eye, while he had only 8 years in the forest, attacked by the lods, playing hide-and-seek with Marlysa and Cilia.
Ossian: Friend of Marlysa, he did not particularly part of the childhood of Marlysa and only appears to the moment when it is part of the Foundation.
 volume 0: youth – ISBN 978-2-30200-317-0 (October 2008)
The Cycle of origins [edit] volume 1: the mask – ISBN 2-87764-661-0 (June 1998)
Volume 2: The shadow of Dompour – ISBN 2-87764-846-X (May 1999)
Volume 3: The other side – ISBN 2-84565-022-1 (December 2000)
Tome 4: Bragal – ISBN 2-84565-224-0 (June 2002)
Tome 5: Wonderworker – ISBN 2-84565-568-1 (December 2003)
The Cycle of the sword : Tome 6: La woman-life – ISBN 2-84565-995-4 (June 2005)
Tome 7: Waltras – ISBN 2-84946-645-X (November 2006)
Tome 8: Waltras, episode 2 – ISBN 978-2-30200-098-8 (March 2008)
Tome 9: Return to Tolden – ISBN 978-2-30200-892-2 (December 2009)
Tome 10: Tatrin of Tolden – ISBN 978-2-30201-385-8 (December 2010)
Sun Productions: Tomes 1 to 7 (first edition of volumes 1-7).

Jean-Charles Gaudin

 Jean-Charles Gaudin is a French comic book writer born in Challans (Vendée), in 1963.

Jean-Pierre Danard


Marlysa, by Jean-Pierre Danard

Jean Pierre Danard and François Pierre started their collaboration in 1982. They did several comic projects for Fanzine, Sapristi and P.L.G.P.P.U.R. They also did ‘Les Chroniques de Maikal’ scipted by François Corteggiani and ‘Le Mécano des Étoiles’ on scripts by Jacques Lob. They also did an episode of ‘Peter Pan’, written by François Rivière. They then both joined Dargaud, where Danard took on new series such as ‘150 Loups-garous’ with scripts by Mezinski. Danard started the ‘Marlysa’ series on his own with writer Jean-Charles Gaudin.

Marlysa, by Jean-Pierre Danard