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By Tranchard & Corteggiani


Marine is an orphan and when she plays with her dog Pepito to naughty powers to the Marshalwith her ventriloquist talents,she works astes as a waitress in Keltas’s tavern. And on a beautiful morning, Taffia, the old filibuster, will restore its destiny and to report his rank him revealing its origins, because she is the daughter of Caiman, the most famous of the pirates. Taffia was his second, but leg-to-iron, this traitor, also made its reappearance because he wants the Treasury of the Caiman, the legacy of Marine…

François Corteggiani

François Corteggiani is a writer of comic French, born on September 21, 1953 in Nice.
after a few local collaborations, he settled in Paris in 1973. Advertising work and some drawings in various newspapers, it really begins in a small house of Lyons Edition for which he delivers more than 1000 planks in two years.
After a passage Flash in Spirou, he entered the newspaper Pif Gadget where it anime since the character of Pif, first in drawing then scenario, towards which the grows long Godard. It also creates the Pastis series and with Pierre Tranchand series Marine and Smith and Wesson.
For Glénat, in 1981, always with Pierre Tranchand, he resumed Bastos and Zakousky and Chafouin and backpack series for Circus and gum logs!. After the judgment of gum, he participates in the monthly lived by writing of silence and blood for Marc Males and the helmet and the frond for Walter Fahrer.
The 1980s, he worked for the German newspaper Zack (super as) for which he writes Peter O’Pencil draws Giorgio Cavazzano with which it will be then Captain Rogers for the Giornalino in Milan and Timothy Titan first for the editions Hachette then to Strip Art Features society.
Since 1984, he worked closely with the Mickey Journal where he animates with Pierre Tranchand gags of the school Abracadabra. While they continue together the series Marine; He also worked with Philippe Bercovici for Glénat. Since the death of Jean-Michel Charlier it was he who took the youth of Blueberry drawn by Colin Wilson scenarios with which he created the Thunderhawks for Soleil Productions series.
François Corteggiani is currently the editor-in-Chief BD of the new version of Pif Gadget (out July 1, 2004).

Pica  (Pierre Tranchand)

Pierre Tranchand, more known under the pseudonym of Pica, is a French comic strip artist born on January 21, 1953 in Saint-Étienne. After having studied architecture, he became artist of comic books in 1978, first using his real name before taking the pseudonym of Pica.
 first collaborated in many titles of the comic press: Pif Gadget, Tintin, Spirou, Journal of Mickey… He began a fruitful collaboration with writer François Corteggiani, with which he first creates the Navy series and Smith and Wesson, and then, in 1981, the duo resumes series Bastos and Zakousky and Chafouin and backpack. In 1984, in the Journal de Mickey, two collaborators create the school Abracadabra, while they pursue the Navy series in parallel. In the early 1990, in its advertising activities, it creates, there also alongside Corteggiani, the Gum’s, a series in a small format, distributed free of charge for child menus of the cafeterias Casino.
Since 1998, he worked in collaboration with Erroc on the comic strip the Profs, first published in the Journal de Mickey.