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By Stalner


“You will meet  the devil there !
Nobody returns
from hell,
sweetheart …
No One!
Hahahahahaha! … “

Eric Stalner

Eric Stalner is a cartoonist and writer French comic strip, born March 11, 1959 in Paris 14th.

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 after attempting to contest the Beaux-Arts in Paris, he began his career in 1981 with his elder brother Jean-Marc. In common, they made many pockets of discs, posters (especially hard rock) concert and advertising work. In 1988, they decided to turn to the comic for the pleasure of telling stories.
They met the writer Christian Mouquet and create with him the lice, series in three volumes, of which the first was released in 1989 in editions Glénat. Eric and Jean-Marc Stalner have signed together several series including the Boche, with Daniel Bardet, and Fabien M.’s first album of this series, the Black Rider is selected among the thirty essential at the festival of Angoulême 1994 and Fabien M. will receive the Grand Prize of the festival of the golden bubble in Brignais in 1995. In 1991, while they developed the the railway series and fire in Glénat, the two brothers decided to separately pursue their career.
Since then, Eric Stalner had constantly to develop new series: the novel of Malemort with colourist Jean-Jacques Chagnaud in Glénat, the cross of Cazenac with Pierre Boisserie (Siro inking on the volumes 9 and 10) at Dargaudthe triptych traveller constituted cycles future – present – past with Pierre Boisserie and different designers in Glénat, list 66 solo at Dargaud, Flor de Luna with Pierre Boisserie and Eric Lambert in Glénat, they were ten solo 12 editions sgcib After signing the Wolf with Pierre Boisserie album based on the novel and the film by Nicolas Vanier, he is adapting the gold under the snow, another story of Vanier as her brother Jean-Marc Stalner draws. Éric Stalner lives in Toulouse.
As wrote his biographer Brieg f. Haslé in n ° 22 of ZOO magazine (November-December 2009): “since 1989, in the company of his elder brother Jean-Marc, solo or in collaboration, including with the writer Pierre Boisserie, Éric Stalner has signed more than 80 books of comic books in twenty years.” Despite an impressive production rate, Éric Stalner creates rich and cleverly constructed, boards where his elegant realistic drawing is always fly and enchants its lecteurs… Undoubtedly, it is one of the leaders of the classic comic strip of today. »
Brieg f. Haslé and Manuel f. Picaud develop since October 2008 the official site: the books of Eric Stalner. For the anecdote, contained in the plates 6 and 7 of the second book in the series area.
Fabien M. (with Jean-Marc Stalner)
The Black Rider (1993)
The sting of the fool (1993)
The shadow of the Tower (1994)
The Queen died (1995)
The tears of the King (1996)
Malheig (with Jean-Marc Stalner)
Nothing to die (1996)
The breath of the dragon (1997)
The eye of Wedal (1997)
Rokson (1998)
The cross of Cazenac (Pierre Boisserie coscénario)
Target sixty (1999)
The Angel sleeping (2000)
The blood of my father (2001)
Nemesis (2002)
The mark of the Wolf (2003)
Neither gods nor beasts (2004)
The spy from Cairo (2005)
The death of the Tiger (2006)
The enemy (2007) – Siro inking
The last Cross (2008) – Siro inking
Blues 46 (Laurent Moënard coscénario)
September song (2004)
Allegro furioso! (2005)
The 66 list
Illinois (2006)
Missouri (2007)
Kansas (2008)
Oklahoma / Texas (2009)
… California (2010)
the lice (with Jean-Marc Stalner, Christian Mouquet scenario)
Neither God nor master (1989)
Neither red nor black (1989)
Nitchevo! Comrades (1990)
The Boche (with Jean-Marc Stalner, Daniel Bardet scenario)
The child of straw (1990)
Zig-zags (1991)
Between the flesh and bone (1992)
The blue horse (1993)
In the skin of a neutral (1994)
Night of gravitation (1995)
NORDMAN (with Jean-Marc Stalner, screenplay by Daniel Bardet, 1996)
Iron and fire (volumes 1-3 with Jean-Marc Stalner)
Goodbye Baron (1998)
Samson (1999)
The Earl of Charlant (2000)
Julien (2001)
The novel of Malemort
Under the ashes of the Moon (1999)
The forgotten door (2000)
The gift of blood (2001)
When the gloriously (2002)
…Fly chimeras (2003)
All eternity (2004)
The secret Triangle (Didier Convard scenario)
2. The young man on the shroud of Turin (2000)
Traveller: Future T1-4 (coscénario of Pierre Boisserie, 2007-2008)
Traveller: Far T1-4 (coscénario of Pierre Boisserie, drawing by Marc Bourgne, 2008-2009)
Traveller: Past T1 (coscénario of Pierre Boisserie, drawing of Lucien Rollin, 2010)
Traveller: Past T2 (coscénario of Pierre Boisserie, drawing by Siro, 2010)
Traveller: Past T3 (coscénario of Pierre Boisserie, drawing of Eric Lambert, 2010)
Traveller: Past T4 (coscénario of Pierre Boisserie, drawing of Éric Liberge, 2011)
Flor de Luna (coscénario of Pierre Boisserie, Eric Lambert, Éric Stalner design)
Santa Maria Cristina (2007)
Finca Don Diego (2008)
Fabrica (2009)
The Zone
Sentinel (2010)
Resistance (2010)
Various [edit] Solveig (Daniel Maghen)
Solveig (1996)
The Witch and the Raven (1997)
For the savings (Jean-Charles Kraehn story, 1999)
Hera (Imbroglio, 2002)
For white (BD’empher, 2003)
Ange-Marie (coscénario Aude Ettori, Dupuis collection “Free range”, 2005)
They were ten (éditions 12 bis)
October 1812 (2009)
Novgora (2010)
Paris 1820 (2011)
Wolf (coscénario Pierre Boisserie and Nicolas Vanier, éditions 12 bis, 2009)
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