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By Mangin & Ruizgé


1191, the unthinkable happens,
a large army of Maya, Aztecs and other
overseas warriors,
under the leadership of a mysterious Inca,
crosses the ocean.
By using the knowledgde that
of all the Christian Kings are on  crusade,
they invade the weakened Christianity countries.
300 years before Christopher Columbus
the old world  conquered by the new world:
history is on its head!


Francisco Ruizgé is an artist that we can say that it is located within the circle of young values that with perseverance have managed to nail his pica in Flanders, taking an important step in France which will have its continuation in the Netherlandswhere they just acquire the rights to reproduction of their work. Ruizgé (as like to call it the French) was born in Callosa (Alicante) in 1969, he studied, like so many others, fine arts, spending his last year of career in Paris thanks to a scholarship was granted. Back to Spain carried out numerous activities (not all related to the image): was bartender, truck driver, collector of cotton and other plant products; sculptor of failures and
also graphic designer. At one point he was offered to give classes in arts and crafts and accepted; It recognizes that in the time that lasted such classes, unless he was paid well and agobiaron you not in terms of work. Once left teaching, and for reasons that they do not come to the case comment, came to the conclusion that hers was making comics and to this effort he directed its effort making a series of drawings and pages of comic strip that was incorporated into their particular album showing all those editors who were put to tyre, which is not cut to praise the category for his work but in the end nothing at all.
“boring that you did not Spain case decided to direct its strategy was France”
All shone it with the classical Pat of mood in the back, in part, due to many Spanish editors are what they are, are content to hire foreign labour already experienced and in March (which pay a reasonable price) and let the adventure for othersespecially if they are beyond our borders, perhaps with some reason because here in Spain, in general, print runs of any notebook is rather modest (from 1,000 to 2,000 copies in normal cases; if they are from 3000 to 4000 can be considered a success what gone are those editions of a warrior of the mask!)(Roberto Alcazar, Tony and Anita, Capitán Trueno with their 100.000/350.000 units). Despite the drawbacks, Francisco is not never discouraged and continued to insist.
A day and as part of the program, he decided to participate with their drawings (the project that was presented was scripted by Rafa Marín, writer at the same time, among others, of Iberia Inc. and the fantastic four series) in a competition at European level convened Glénat and television art to the contest were presented projects about 500 artists. The Ruizgé was selected being among the 20 best works. This was a boost, something like a medal in their curriculum and 5 more for their particular album, but in the practical order drawings so – boring that you did not Spain case – decided to direct its strategy shortly, was Franceoffering his own 4 publishers with the result that two of them, not even answered, another was kind enough to give his drawings because they did not interest him, and a fourth, the publisher Soleil, through his label QUADRANT SOLAIRE (just at that time was looking for an artist for the series called LUXLEY which) (is the author the French screenwriter Valérie Mangin), he accepted his offer, of course encouraged by Valerie a. which had loved drawing of Francisco, which very lively and full of happy, was hands to work giving life to an album that has been a success because it is now in its second editionthen and in view of the success, he was commissioned a second album which has just appeared, since that was released exactly on 23 August last, which also points to the success that has encouraged him to French publisher to entrust a third book scheduled to come to light in mid- the next year. Details of these works are available through the website: http// A Dutch publishing has become interested in the series, so it has bought the rights of reproduction for editing in the Netherlands.
The fantastic series LUXLEY places the action in 1199 in a France (like the rest of Europe) invaded by the Atlantes, which reached the English hero Robin of Luxley (aka Robin of the forest), which goes road of Jerusalem in search of help. Robin continues the fight – after having done his country – on French soil but is captured and passed the released time, allowing him to continue his fight waiting for the final victory, which will contribute with their artour friend and colleague in the Office, Francisco Ruizgé.

Valérie Mangin

Valérie Mangin is a French comic writer, born August 14, 1973 in Nancy [1].
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 it is in the Lorraine that Valérie follows a normal education which takes him up to a Bachelor of Science degree. However it does neglects the letters so much since she won a prize in Latin version in the general competition in 1990. It is admitted in 1991 in Paris in preparatory classes at the lycée Henri-IV.
Graduate studies
in 1994, Valérie Mangin entered the École des chartes. It supports a thesis for the history of the institutions of the modern era: the great Chancery of France under Louis XVI. It gives him the title of archiviste-paléographe and it opens the doors to the public service. At the same time, she follows a curriculum of history and a history of art at the Sorbonne.
But as this curriculum, Valérie realizes that it would prefer to start in the comic strip.
Professional debut
comics during his studies, Valérie meeting great reader Denis Bajram, whom she falls in love [REF. necessary], at a meeting of dedication of the series Cryozone in a bookstore.
They marry late August 1999 and therefore work together in their small workshop Street Saint, at the foot of Notre Dame de Paris. Valérie, in which Denis proposed to write dialogues of the first volume of dead memories published in 1999 in the Humanoïdes Associés, fully realizes the scenario of the second album, always based on a synopsis of Denis. In 2000, she has also completed the scenario of a new series of science fiction in sunlight: the scourge of the gods which the first of the five volumes was released in January 2001. With this series, it begins the creation of a universe that is named since 2004 the Chronicles of Galactic antiquity and which includes the last Trojan, Imperator and the war of the gods.
Valérie created in 2006, with Denis Bajram éditions les Quadrant solar; She was Director of collection until 2008.
While continuing a rich collaboration with Quadrants and Sun Productions, she is currently preparing several new projects for free range, Dupuis and Glénat.
After several years in Paris and Brussels, she now resides in Bayeux in Normandy.
the last Trojan (Soleil Productions/Quadrant Solaire/Quandrants)
scenario Valérie Mangin; drawings and color Thierry start
The scourge of the gods (Sun Productions)
scenario Valérie Mangin; drawings and color Aleksa Gajic
Dead memories (Les Humanoïdes Associés)
scenario Denis Bajram. Lionel Chouin drawings; colors freon; dialogues Valérie Mangin
Small Miracle (Sun Productions)
scenario Valérie Mangin; drawings and color Griffo
Luxley (Sun Productions)
scenario Valérie Mangin; drawings and color Francisco Ruizgé
The war of the gods (Quadrants)
scenario Valérie Mangin; drawings and color Dean Yazghi
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