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By Yves Swolfs



After his has murdered his brother and his family
Mathias le Sec grabs the power
and the sovereignty over the Duchy.
Immediately afterwards the usurper starts
vis-à-vis to the population themselves
to become a heartless tyrant
and he imagines himself to be untouchable.
But thanks to the cool-headedness
of the Capulets  the child of the legitimate
and murdered Duke has escaped
from the massacre !
Ten years later the existence
of the little boy, the heir of the Duke,
becomes a legend …
The bearer of hope for the people
and the nightmare for the ruler,
A leader of wolves will cushion the baby
and keep him far away from the people
and the intrigues for power
The defenceless creature, at the time, will grow up
together with the Wolfs,
in the middle of the forest.
One day,  a Hunter, captures this child
on which everything depends. ..
He stands eye to eye
with a being:
half animal. …
half human …

Yves Swolfs

 (b. 24/4/1955, Belgium)


Yves Swolfs is a Belgian comic artist and scenarist, who was worked in a great variety of genres. He studied both Literature and journalism before joining Claude Renard’s Atelier R at the Saint-Luc Institute in his birth city Brussels. His first comic stories appeared in the atelier’s magazine Le Neuvième Rêve in 1978. Upon gradution, he started out doing commercial assignments and illustrations, before creating the western comic ‘Durango’ for the publishing house Éditions des Archers in 1980. The series, inspired by spaghetti westerns and Clint Eastwood, was later continued at Dargaud, Alpen and Les Humanoïdes Associés until 1998. Swolfs revived the series at the publishing house Soleil in 2006, but handed over the art duties to Thierry Girod.

Prince de la Nuit, by Yves Swolfs
La Prince de la Nuit

In 1987 and for Vécu magazine, Swolfs created the historical series ‘Dampierre’, situated during the War in the Vendée and the French Revolution. In 1991, Swolfs handed over the graphic part of the series to Éric for one episode, before Pierre Legein took over in 1994. Also in 1991, Swolfs took a stab at the fantasy genre with ‘Le Prince de la Nuit’, a vampire series set in 1930s Paris. Six books appeared until 2001.

La Prince de la Nuit by Yves Swolfs
La Prince de la Nuit

As a writer, he created the western series ‘Black Hills 1890’ for Marc-Renier (Glénat, 1999), the post-apocalyptic ‘Vlad’ for Griffo (Lombard, 2000) and the thriller ‘James Healer’ for Giulio De Vita (Lombard, 2002). In 2003 he created the mideival heroic fantasy series ‘Légendes’ for Soleil Productions. Yves Swolfs is also a musician in the rock groups Lazare and Wolf Gang.

Legende by Yves Swolfs