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By J.Martin & G.Chaillet


Lefranc is a comic strip by writer and artist Jacques Martin. The first story the signal red appeared in 1954.
The main character from the series is the journalist Guy Lefranc that make all sorts of adventures, often with his youthful friend Jean-Jean. In ‘ the signal state on red ‘ Jean-Jean learns he happened to know during his visit to the Castle Koenigsbourg Castle in the Vosges mountains. In ‘ Inferno ‘ turns out to be a friend of Pierre LeFranc, the scholar LeGall, also the uncle of Jean-Jean. If he already knew LeGall than Jean-Jean remains unclear.Lefranc was the strong, upright, intelligent and brave hero. His weak point was his onafscheidelijkheid with the vulnerable Jean-Jean. Thus Jean-Jean especially fulfilled a similar function as Alex Enak in the comic book series.
During these adventures takes Lefranc often against Axel Borg, in the later strips has changed a lot between these arch-enemies.
Another important person is Inspector Renard who regularly cooperates with LeFranc against Borg.
Red Albums
Het sein
The Inferno
The toxic snow
The cave of the wolf (with Bob De Moor)
The gates of hell
Operation Thor
The absolute weapon
The crypt
The Apocalypse
The target
The camarilla
The theft of the spirit
The colonne
El Paradiso
The ultimatum
The master of the atom
The blue Mummy
London in danger
Black Christmas
The curse
The travel of Lefranc
1. Aviation (1) from the start to 1914
The voyages of Lefranc 2. Aviation (2) from 1914 to 1916
The voyages of Lefranc 3. Aviation (3) from 1917 to 1918


Jacques Martin

Born 25 September 1921(1921-09-25)
Strasbourg, France
Died 21 January 2010(2010-01-21) (aged 88)
Brussels, Belgium
Nationality French
Area(s) Cartoonist, Writer, Penciller
Pseudonym(s) Jam, Marleb
Notable works Alix

Jacques Martin (25 September 1921 – 21 January 2010) was a French writer and artist of comics. He was one of the classic artists of Le Journal de Tintin magazine, alongside Edgar P. Jacobs and Hergé, of whom he was a longtime collaborator. He is best known for his series Alix. He was born in Strasbourg.


After being initially forced into engineering studies as a young man, Jacques Martin began in 1942 to draw his first comic stories. In 1946, following the end of the War, he travelled through Belgium in search of an editor for his work. Soon afterwards he met Georges Remi (aka Hergé) with whom he collaborated on several albums of The Adventures of Tintin (and more specifically on Tintin in Tibet and The Red Sea Sharks) while working on his own albums. It was from Hergé that he learned of the ligne claire style and, under Hergé’s guidance, began to use it in his own work. He would later be considered one of the great five of the ligne claire style, along with Hergé, Edgar P. Jacobs, Bob de Moor and Willy Vandersteen.[1]

In 1948, he created Alix, his most famous series, published in the magazine Tintin, whose adventures – extremely-well researched – occur in Roman antiquity. This historic comic soon became one of the most popular of the genre and went on to be published in several countries worldwide.

The story Le spectre de Carthage won the award for best French realistic comic book at the 1978 Angoulême International Comics Festival.

Martin went on to create other characters, beginning with the contemporary journalist Lefranc in 1952. Much later he created others in collaboration with various partners, namely the medieval architect Jhen (initially entitled Xan) in 1978, the French revolutionary officer Arno in 1984, the Athenian Orion in 1990, and the Egyptian Keos in 1992.[2] In 2003, he also started a new series – Loïs set in the court of Louis the sun king of France.

In 1998, due to failing eyesight, Martin left the drawing of Alix to Rafael Morales.[2] Alix continues running with great success. Martin died on 21 January 2010.[3]



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Gilles Chaillet

Gilles Chaillet (Paris, June 3, 1946) is a French comics artist and writer, best known for the comic book series, Vasco.
1 short biography
2 Bibliography
2.1 Vasco
2.2 Tombelaine
2.3 the last prophecy
2.4 Intox
3 external links
Concise biografieGilles Chaillet was born in Paris in 1946 and was ever since interested in history in General and the history of Italy in particular, in the first instance, especially the Italian antiquity and later the history of medieval Italy. In 1965, he goes to work for the French publisher Dargaud, where he cared for series such as colouring Laverdure and Blueberry. From 1973 he works anonymously to the 14 small comic booklets about Idéfix, the dog of Obelix in the Asterix comic book series, by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo (illustrations). From 1976 he works at the comic book series Lefranc by Jacques Martin and Alex. In 1979 he starts in the weekly magazine Tintin his own series Vasco, on the eponymous young bank clerk in 14th century Italy. Since 2000 he works with other artists come to the series Les Voyages d’Orion of screenwriter Didier Convard. In 2001 he begins with scenarist Bernard Capo to the new series Tombelaine and in 2002 the series the last prophecy, for which he is both the story as the drawings. For the from 2003 by Olivier Mangin drawn series Intox he writes the scenarios.
Vasco scenarios and drawing work
Gold and weapons
The prisoner of Satan
The Byzantine
The limbo of the night
The barons
Shadows on Venice
The devil and the be Kathar
The way of Montségur
The dust of Ispahan
The dogs of Bâhrâm Ghör
The forbidden Empire
The Princes of the red city
The grave-diggers of Beelzebub
Magic Spells
The ghost of Bruges
Mémoires de Voyages (not published)
The beast
The shadows of the past
The doge of Auld Alliance
The Mac Douglas clan
The black Lady
TombelaineAlleen character work; scenarios of Bernard Capo
The awakening of the Dragon
Threat of war
Blood and tears
The mask of Buddha
The last prophecy scenarios and drawing work
Trip to hell
The women of Emesa
In the sign of Ba’al
The damned book
Intox Only scenarios; character work of Olivier Mangin
The fourth estate
Operation Pablo
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