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By Lidwine

Inevitable the water raised …
Higher and higher …
The seas became oceans and the whole earth
was circled and flooded.
They were talking about
the “new Flood”,
worse than that of Noah.
Civilizations were total wiped off the map,
but from the drops of evil
 a new faith would grow …
A new hope.

Dominique Lidwine

(b. 12/5/1960, France)

Le Dernier Loup d'Oz, by Dominique Lidwine

The Breton artist Dominique Lidwine did his first comics attempts at some “Cartes Blanches” for Spirou, but these remained unpublished. He then took on several small jobs. His first paid art job was working for Frilouz, a magazine that also published the work of Rollin, Hiettre, Plessix. In 1986, he drew ‘La Véritable Histoire de Conrad Deschamps’. A year later, he drew ‘Les Aventures de Zaza, la Chienne de Michel Drucker’. He started ‘Le Dernier Loup d’Oz’ in La Frite Équatoriale, a series that was continued at Delcourt later on. He also worked with Régis Loisel and Serge Le Tendre on ‘Quête de l’Oiseau du Temps’.