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By Arnoux & Michaud


Folianne, a simple Shepherdess,

is led by strange voices

to the city of Brieuc.

There she must liberate a 10-year old girl

from the black Tower.

That girl is the result of an extramarital love.

But she is also no ordinary girl.

In reality she belongs to the fairie people, 

althoug she doesn’t  know that yet.

Will the gorgeous Folianne succeed in her mission,

or will she,

like the previous missionaries of the fairy people,


Or will the dark forces of sorcerer Narval,

the kuiperen of Marie-Black

and the rough soldiers

again get the upper hand? …


Erik Arnoux

Érik Arnoux, born August 5, 1956 in Nancy, is an author, cartoonist and French comics scriptwriter.
After four years studying at the superior school of graphic art of Paris (ESAG), he began his professional career in 1977 at the age of 21 years in the monthly mechanical sports in BD “Full Pot”, in the company of Christian Debarre (Bar2), Christian Rossi and Brice Goepfert… The small band of beginners is quickly spotted by Henri Filippini, who monitored by far with a benevolent and critical eye… Become a kind of “cartoonist-reporter”, Erik is involved in the newspaper which will be a time Deputy Chief Editor is putting in pictures the great price Moto of the “Continental Circus” on which he will visit many times over two seasons complete (1978-1979).
Illustrator in “Hanna-Barbera France” for two years, he draws then to magazines of Franklin Loufrani “TV Junior” and “TV Parade” of hundreds of pages featuring the heroes of TV cartoons. After a quick passage in advertising (starting his training) as artistic director time during (including at the agency specialized in rough “Black rough”, and “ID Program” where he met his friend Jean-Charles Kraehn in 1983), he began his career as an author in Glénat and it draws in 1985 (for the “Experience” collection that starts) series Timon of Wheats (4 volumes by his care, drawing by Elie Klimos which will focus the series 8) on a scenario of Daniel Bardet (the paths of Malefosse)…
In 1992, it creates solo Sophaletta in the prestige collection “Character” in Glénat, which it performs only the three first volumes, before entrust Dominique Hey drawing for a new round from the tome 4 (9 volumes published).
In 1998, he wrote a contemporary thriller Run Celadon collection police “black balloon” (4 volumes published, completed series) then Witness 4, (3 volumes published, gathered in a box) is launching a series of anticipation by Chrys Grenoble, including for “Sun Productions”.
In parallel, he takes over for five albums at the request of Kraëhn the scenario of the medieval series of decapitated Eagles drawn then by Michel Pierret (governs only the series from the book 19) then becomes national consultant BD for the savings fundhistoric partner of the Festival of Angoulême.
Following the last fairy of the country of Arvor, in 2002, loose-medieval fantasy story published in Glénat (3 volumes published in the Grafica, complete series collection), drawn by Jean-Marie Michaud.
All series in Glénat have now been completed.
In October 2007, he participated in the collective “the songs of Johnny Hallyday” tome 1 in Sun and in November 2008, always for the same Publisher, conducts five pages on scenario of Serge le Tendre in the book memory “Words of stars” devoted to Jewish children hidden during the second world war.
In November 2008, he published “Ava Dream (scenario) with Alain Queireix (thriller) drawing for the Lombard, the two volumes of this diptych:”Infiltration”and”exfiltration”out at the same time the 21 November…the” The series could find a suite with a second diptych from Africa and drawn by a different Illustrator in 2010.
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Jean-Marie Michaud

Born in Corsica, Jean-Marie Michaud spent his childhood in Corsica and has remained faithful to his first passion, martial arts, and design. The discovery of the comic book at the age of 10 years is through Buddy Longway of Derib then Comanche of Hermann and Greg. He finally discovers Giraud that he still considered the undisputed modern comics master. Great illustrators for youth such as Joubert, Samivel, Frazetta, Boutet de Monvel, more formerly School of the “Jugenstiel” with Bilibin, Rackham, Burne-Jones or Beardsley remain for him perpetual sources of inspiration in the same way as some painters of the 15th and 16th century and that traditional Eastern and Western art conveying values of sacred and harmony. A graduate of the Arts Décoratifs, his first comics are published at Dargaud in 1992 (the paysMiroir, De Profundis) on the scenarios of Claude square. Found currently among Glénat with the series “The last fairy of the country of Arvor” scripted by Erik Arnoux. At the same time, it shows titles for youth in fiction (Jules Verne, Jack London,…) as well as a documentary (Indian, Viking, etc.) from different publishers (of gold two roosters, Flammarion, Bordas, Casterman).
Champlain, I me souviensen 2008One shot
Of Profundisde 1998Terminée 1996
Last fairy of the Arvor country (the) 2004Terminée, 2002
Essential literature in BD (Les) in 2010En courses
Judoen 1996One shot
Country mirror (the) from 1992 to 1993Terminée
Principle of hell (the) 1999 to octoberin courses
The Coulœuvre season (the) 2010Terminée 2007
Vercingétorixen 2001One shot