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By Deliège

 The Krostons is a series of Franco-Belgian comic strip created in 1968 by Arthur Piroton drawing and Paul Deliège to the scenario in no. 1589 of the journal Spirou. It puts small demons known as the exit of a comic book of their creators, Max Ariane Krostons. Paul Deliège will give only the series after the first story.

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 the series staged Krostons, three small Elves green, capable of moving from the third to the second dimension. Wicked but beasts, they have ambitions to become the masters of the world [1].
Paul Deliège invents the Krostons in 1968 at the time or Maurice Rosy retrieves only the series Bobo which he was previously the designer. He contacts Arthur Piroton, a realistic artist to draw the first history. The series appears for the first time in the No. 1589 journal Spirou, the two authors will take the pseudonym of Max Ariane (Max Ariane is the name of the creator of the Krostons series) to publish the story. After the first story, Arthur Piroton will choose draw Jess Long on scenario of Maurice Tillieux and leave the series at only Paul Deliège. The latter realizing usual humorous drawings must adapt, not without difficulty, his style to make it realistic. Later he abandoned the realistic style to keep only the humorous side of the series. Despite the success of the series, Paul Deliège left the series to fully resume Bobo that he prefers. On insistence of readers, it performs a few new episodes in the 1980s before finally abandoning the series in 1983 [2].
 the main characters in the series are Krostons, demons of small size very dangerous, capable of moving from two to three dimensions, creates the middle age they expect that someone their rejuvenate. Max Ariane, designer in evil of inspiration that will revive the Krostons copying a drawing of his son. Mr Flamberge, it has one of the rare manuscript with information about the Krostons [1].

The original collection

 in 1972, fate in the Okay of the Editions Dupuis, the album collection the threat of Krostons considered zero number in the series. The first album was released in 1975 and is entitled to a Kroston ride. The second album entitled the House of the mutants was released in 1979. Life of the castle the third album of the series was released in 1982. Two years later released the fourth album entitled the heir [3].


 1996 editions Image Points out a special album Les Krostons out of press. Three years later seems a second special album entitled history of Krostons [4].

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Owl editions out three integrals in the series. The first (numbered three) in 2005 which includes three albums and four Dupuis, and short stories. The second 2007 fate it brings together the albums one and two of Dupuis and unpublished [4]. The third (numbered a) was released in 2009 and brings the zero number Dupuis, albums series and the short stories [5].

The first appearance of the series takes place in 1968 in no. 1589 journal Spirou with history to follow simply entitled Les Krostons and journals published to no. 1610. It is also for the occasion the cover of no. 1589. If this story is drawn by Arthur Piroton on scenario of Paul Deliège, later he retrieves the drawing of the series. The following year is published in the No. 1652 a comprehensive history of six boards entitled the origin of the Krostons. In 1970 is published in numbers 1667, 1682 and 1706, three stories full of four, two and six Boards respectively, titled the egg of the Krostons, the birthday cake, and the song of the Krostons. The following year is published in numbers 1720 and 1732, two stories full of six boards entitled the the Krostons omelette and the Kroschtroumpf and a story to follow entitled Les Krostons emerge published news of no. 1752, number it will also cover, at no. 1768. The following year is published in no. 1782 the complete history of six boards entitled Les Krostons depart on holiday and in the No. 1808 a comprehensive history of three boards without a title. In 1973 published the story to follow entitled ride for a Kroston of no. 1851, she also cover, no. 1869. The series is returning in Spirou that in 1977 with the story to follow entitled mutants House published no. 2061, it cover, no. 2079. In 1981 is published from No. 2233 to no. 2243 to follow history entitled the life of Castle. The final appearance of the series in Spirou was held in 1983 with the story to follow entitled heir published no. 2348 at no. 2358. She is also the cover of no. 2348 [1].

 A relief entitled Les Krostons animation film, masters of the world is being developed by the Studio of Imagination and directed by the Belgian Frederik of the Chau [6].
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Paul Deliège

Paul Deliège (21 January 1931 – 7 July 2005) was a Belgian artist and writer of comics, and was married with two children.


Deliège was born in Olne. He started in the daily Le Soir with Père Bricole et Félicien et les Romanis. In 1959, he got into éditions Dupuis where he launched les aventures de Théophile et Philibert with Vicq. at the start of the 1960s, he was the principal creator of the Mini-récits (mini-stories) in the magazine Spirou, where he created Bobo, his best-known hero. The series Les Krostons, about three green imps and their unsuccessful attempts to take over the world, (with Piroton) and Le trou du souffleur (The souffleur’s hole) followed shortly. Deliège was also writer for the series Sam et l’Ours (Sam and the bear, drawn by Lagas) and some stories of Sybilline (drawn by Macherot).

The Krostons is being made into a 3-D film of the same name.[1]

Deliège died of a heart attack in 2005.


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