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 By Blue Green & Corbeyran


Patrick Amblevert

(Blue Green)

(b. 18/8/1953, France)

Les Griffes du Marais, by Patrick Amblevert

After his artistic studies, Patrick Amblevert began to work for several studios specialized in wine labels. He also pursued a career as an advertising artist. From 1989 to 1994, he drew two albums in the series ‘Les Griffes du Marais’ with scripts by Eric Corbeyran at Vents d’Ouest. The series was transferred to Édition Hélyode in 1995, and for this occasion, Amblevert used the pseudonym Blue Green. Amblevert also took over the series ‘Foc’ from Yves Bordes for one episode at Soleil Productions (text by René Durand).


Eric Corbeyran  


Born : 14/12/64 in Marseille

Country of residence: France
In his too brief stay in the city of Marseille, Corbeyran kept nothing, not even the focus… But it is no doubt in its origins méditerrannéennes need to find the roots of his immoderate passion for pastis and bocce.
After touching the photo, the illustration to the tale for children and advertising, he turned definitively to writing comics. The first scenario is published in 90 by Editions Vents D’ouest.
In 93, Dargaud offered him the opportunity to create “The cadet of the soupetard”, a series of adventures of humour and poetry, featuring a rather resourceful kid who was very quickly able to seduce a wide audience.
Since then, projects accumulate and his screenwriter activity is shared between the dark and violent sagas, and softer series such as the As de Pique, Soupetard or Graindazur.
If it remains faithful to two designers, Falque and Guérineau, with whom he published the substance of the world and the song of the Stryges, this does not preclude working with new talents, such as Alfred to La Digue.
It develops around the universe of the song of the Stryges other series to discover: the master of game with Charlet, and chimeras with Suro Clan. There will be a large fresco of science fiction, hydras of Ares with a newcomer Marc Moreno. Corbeyran and Régis Lejonc offer Kid Korrigan, an album of reflections on philosophical topics in a Board. In the company of Riad Sattouf, it analysis the power that may accord the adult child in “Small ice”, and under the drawing of Bouillez, it measures the effects of a rigid and insensitive educational experience in “The Phalanstery from the end of the world”. After the success of the first “words of Taulards”, it works again with the BD Boum de Blois festival for the “Words of Nick” collective. This album, more complete than the first, is talk about detainees and supervisors: another look at the detention. With “The regulator”, Corbeyran book us a black version of the world of tomorrow, served by a signed drawing Moreno. Think-rather: one quarter of the population “regulates” the three remaining quarters..