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By Gos & Walt


Country of origin  : Belgium
Original language : Nederlands
Genre : comedy, adventure
Creation team
Artist (s) Cis
Publicatiemedia : Stripboeken and the magazine Spirou
Portal Comics
The scrameustache is a Belgian comic book series by CIS and published Dupuis. The stories are set around an alien hybrid (the scrameustache) and his protege Khena adolescent. The comic was previously voorgepubliceerd in the Belgian comics magazine Spirou. In “the birth of the Scrameustache” shows that scrameustache is an acronym. In “the Medal of the Incas” and “the continent of the two moons” we learn to know the background of Khena.
Warning : the text below contains details of the plot and/or the end of the story.
Main characters in this comic are the scrameustache, an alien hybrid, Khena the Protege of the scrameustache and uncle Dirk de Khena’s adoptive father.
Over the course of several albums shows that Khena is coming from the continent of the two moons, located on the planet Aktarka.(In album 24 crystal of Atlantiers we learn that the writing of Atlantis is similar to the ancient scriptures of the continent der 2 moons, which suggests that the planet was one of the destinations of the Atlantic exodus.)
While his parents on a voyage on the Earth, there is something wrong with the engine of their ship. To risking his life not they left him behind on earth while they tried to repair the engine.
However, the place where he was left is affected by the earthquake and Khena is picked up by the local population before the rescue team of his world arrives. Uncle Dirk, a European archaeologist, hath later about Khena, and takes him to Europe.
If by any chance the Scrameustache and Khena encounter each other, begins a series of adventures.
Since The album 35 Schuilhol of the scrameustache Satic published by Glénat, they have not, however, the rights to the first 34 albums and Dupuis doesn’t publish them any more.

Roland Goossens


Roland Goossens, also known as Gos, is a Belgian comic book artist. He was born on 1 March 1937 to Thy-le-Château. He began his career as a soldier until 1965, after which he as a cartoonist and screenwriter became active.
Guus Slim (written by Maurice Tillieux, section 13-16 + Guus Slim Omnibus part 2, Dupuis)
Ohjetta and Silvester (coscenario with Peyo/Derib (part 2) for François Walthéry, 3 albums, Youth sins collection Series, Dupuis)
The Scrameustache (Walt coscenario, section 13-36, 36 albums, Dupuis (part 1-34) and Glénat (part 35-36))
Natasja (scenario for François Walthéry, part 1-2, Dupuis)
Spirou et Fantasio (coscenario for André Franquin, part 19, Dupuis)
The Smurfs (in studio associated with Peyo, part 5-6, Dupuis)
Steven strong (coscenario with Peyo for Peyo (part 4)/François Walthéry (part 4-6), Dupuis).
The Mini-little people (scenario for Pierre Seroncillo 40, along with Walt Goossens), part 19, 1985, Dupuis
French series : Benoît Brisefer
Gil Jourdan
Jacky and Célestin
The stroumpf
The Scrameustache
Spirou et Fantasio