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By Ferry & Vernal

Ian Kaledine

Ian Kalédine is a character and a series of strip comic written by Jean-Luc Vernal and drawn by Paschalis Van Vosselen under the pseudonym of Ferry. The series was published by éditions Le Lombard and comporta 10 volumes, published from 1983 to 1992. The series appeared in 1977 in the journal of Tintin [1].
The series began in 1908 with the Tunguska event. The Cossack Ian Kalédine prince is located in Paris where he spends the money entrusted by his father in expensive feast, but quietly buys weapons to equip his people against the tsar. It is the knowledge of Jane, an English journalist mandated by his newspaper to follow him and the interviewer, and Ferragus, effective Irish bodyguard and friend. It will have to confront Shultz, an unscrupulous banker involved in all kinds of trafficking and conspiracy. They will soon get in touch with a civilization from the stars whose Bastet, the Cat Head woman, will take of affection for Ian.
White night albums
The secret of the taiga
The memory of the bottom of the eye
Shan Pasha
The fairy peri
The knife of embers
The great conspiracy
The black Samurai
The secret of Castle Flambard
Dottore Serpenti

Vernal, Jean-Luc


 Born on 23/09/1944, Jean-Luc Vernal is passionate history and particularly of the Greeks, Celts, Romans, the high middle ages in Europe and the Japan, and the conquest of America Spanish.According to Jean-Luc Vernal, without perfect knowledge of the past, there is no future.The creation of “Jugurtha” (with Hermann, and then to the Lombard Franz) to that of “Ian Kalédine” (with Ferry to the Lombard), he continued to develop this theme that is dear to him.  



Paschalis Van Vosselen alias Ferry

Born in Beveren Waas in (Belgium).

After a collaboration with the Belgian newspaper Le Soir, started in 1970, and a passage in the Belgian pilot in 1973, he joined the Tintin magazine in 1974. II there shows a set of short stories based on incredible true stories, signed Yves Duval, grouped in 1984 by Lombard editions in a book entitled the great disaster.

In 1977, on a scenario of Jean-Luc Vernal, he creates Ian Kalédine. The fantastic adventures of this Russian Aristocrat from the beginning of the 20th century, in classical realistic style, last time ten episodes published in albums between 1983 and 1992 Lombard editions.

1993, Ferry attaches to the Chronicles of Panchrysia, a new series of adventures on a background of Alchemy, located in the highlands of Scotland, which he signed only the scenario of the first episode. It is then joined by Pombal on the narrative. The Chronicles of Panchrysia appear in the editions of the Lombard since 1995.