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By Bedu


CouleursLuce Daniels
Franco-Belgian type (s)
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Hugo is a series of comic strip named after his hero, created by Bédu in 1981 in Le Journal de Tintin with the short story the duel. All the stories in the series have not been published in album but there are 5 albums edited in Lombard. Two stories published in Tintin in 1983 was as co-author Blareau: the doorman of the Aude-Lagonie and the garden of Orlingo.
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Hugo, young troubadour always accompanied by his cohorts Biscoto and Narcisse, going adventure adventure, in a medieval fantasy, near-heroic fantasy universe.
The characters
Hugo, troubadour hair red, cunning, ten years of age
Biscoto, bear wearing a jacket, strong and true
Narcisse, small creature fantastic, green, small wings, and long nose, talkative, Italian accent; It is the fate of Hugo
Plum, white-haired young fairy
 the spell of the bean (January 1986) (ISBN 2-8036-0542-2)
The dwarf of Corneloup (January 1987) (ISBN 2-8036-0599-6)
The Apple of God (February 1988) (ISBN 2-8036-0686-0)
The castle of gulls (January 1989) (ISBN 2-8036-0742-5)
Pearl blue (October 1990) (ISBN 2-8036-0835-9)
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Name Bernard Dumont
Alias Bob puis Bédu
Born on 11 avril 1948
Ciney Drapeau : Belgique Belgique
Nationality Drapeau : Belgique Belge
Profession(s) dessinateur et scénariste de bande dessinée

Bédu, his real name Bernard Dumont, is a cartoonist and writer of Belgian comic strip, born April 11, 1948 in Ciney (Belgium). 

1 Biography2 Works2.1 As a draughtsman2.2 As screenwriter3
Bédu first obtains a license of economic sciences at the University of Louvain. His memory is entitled: the formation of prices in Soviet Socialist system.He turned to the comic in 1972 by integrating Berck workshop to hone his self-taught training of draughtsman.He began his career as an author in the Journal of Tintin in 1975 with the series Beany, the raccoon that he signed under the name of Bob. He then goes on with the P Blareau scenarios ‘ tit Prof in 1977 and Ali Béber in 1979 and then creates Hugo in 1981.In 1983, De Groot entrusts him the estate of the Turk for the Clifton series, it provides the drawing of the tome 11 volume 16 and 14 to 16 volume volume scenario. He left the series in 1995.Meanwhile, he creates with Raoul Cauvin series the Psy in the Journal de Spirou in 1992. In 1997, he also participates in the collective work Brel in BD (at les éditions Vents D’ouest).
as a draughtsman: Beany, raccoon (1975-?)The P’tit Prof (1977-?)Ali Béber (1979-1987)Hugo (1981-1990)Clifton (1983-1995)Psy (since 1992)Brel in BD (1997)As screenwriter : Beany, raccoon (1975-?)Hugo (1981-1990)Clifton (1991-1995)Brel in BD (1997)