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By Facon, Vassaux & Parent


Willy Vassaux

Willy Vassaux : « Je désire transmettre les traditions initiatiques »

The two sought volumes of Solomon columns come to be republished in Joker, an integral enriched by additional notebooks. The opportunity to learn more about this author that book us the secrets of Freemasons, but also author of the battle of the Ardennes

   1. De zuilen van Salomo  (1991)

Willy Vassaux : « Je désire transmettre les traditions initiatiques »  

I propose first to trace your route for readers who do not know you .
Like many, I already designed in the margins of my notebooks. I wanted to tell stories, while being also impassioned aviation. Young, I started work of illustration in newspapers until Raymond Leblanc spotted me and asks me to achieve short authentic stories for the newspaper of Tintin, written by Yves Duval [1].
You had already made the beginning of the battle of the Ardennes?
Yes, at age 19, I had drawn approximately 30 Nuts plank – Bastogne. At this time, the stories of war was not really interested publishers, and it was not until a few years when I worked for Tintin, to make this happen. I had to first publish in Duculot, but by circumstances, we could not sign and, warned by the band, Raymond Leblanc was delighted to edit Nuts, with the success that we know: the Lombard drew 700,000 albums under different prints and translations



How are you past of Nuts to the Templar of Notre Dame, resolutely Masonic adventures?
I was initiated long ago, as part of a Parisian Lodge, Porte de la Chapelle. I had always wanted to address this comic: it was part of one of my techniques of evolution in my initiation while developing valid written for the public. There are actually several readings in these various albums: history in itself, but also symbols and the keys it contains, and the Masonic explanation of origins. With the assistance of Christian Piscaglia, I had started the adventures of a Templar who becomes initiated. Dargaud with sought me after the success of Bastogne, is at home that I published his first two Adventures: night of the Golem and the spell. The series was functioning quite well.



In addition to the Templar, I had developed a long series was staged Olympic Games history: the great Olympic adventure. It was signed at Dargaud, sponsors wanted to associate to the adventure and all seemed promising. But Georges Dargaud requested the majority of the royalties for Dargaud France, which the Belgian antenna refused. We then left in an appallingly long trial! It was incredible when Francçois Pernod and the new team of Dargaud has made me my three hundred plates of years later. I am therefore then party at Casterman to propose. They were therefore, everything was signed and three months later, Casterman was bankrupt. Therefore, it was again of a case to retrieve my equipment! For the history, I have been exposing these planks in a travelling exhibition through five very large Chinese cities for the Beijing 2008



The Templar of Notre Dame stuck at Dargaud, and your the great Olympic adventure boards, you have continued to discuss the bases and Masonic history among other albums?
Indeed, in disorder and with new support of very influential people in the order, there were the two volumes of the columns of Solomon, the secret history of the order of the Temple, Nicolas Flamel, etc. It must of course add many works of illustrations by Laffont, rock and other editions and books that have followed, often addressed to specialized environments. I’ve reworked the stories of the Templar appearing at Dargaud, is thus that came out two albums in Dervy, adopting each time one half of the first volume of the Templar initiation and the meeting with the Cathari, with a good share of news. I also published the price of freedom, an album is a good hand illustrations and texts, tracing the high points of the second world war in Europe



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All these books were were very thorough and interesting, why is not always could have then?
Willy vassals with the grandson of Patton at the commemoration of the battle of Ardennes.Effectivement, all of these albums were asking a lot of basic knowledge and very extensive research in certain areas. At the exit of the night of Golem, highlighting pointed Hebrew esoteric data, the Chief Rabbi of Antwerp was certain that I was Jewish. He had planned for all the mentioned securities suites. So I have eleven completed albums, sometimes with already completed translations, but bad adventures with publishers have still allowed me to edit. I have therefore four albums on the Olympic Games, four albums of the Templar with two completely new and two other fortified which repeat each base of second volume published by Dargaud, as well as four albums of war in the movement of Bastognedealing with among others the rise of Nazism in Germany in the 1930s, and the Japanese invasion of Asia. There is also the follow-up to the secret history of the order of Nicolas Flamel, and the beginning of the son of Hiram.
But still, the secret history of the order of the Temple was reissued in Sun. Why not be remained at home?
It was the beginning of Sun. I had just sent a photocopy of my boards to Mourad to make it be an idea. But I had never had a response on his part, until a friend congratulated me for my album which had just published! He had used my material, had put it in color and
published it without talking to me
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An album where the narrative mixes with different initiation and Masonic symbols.It’s that therefore could see Bastogne reprinted in Joker, and this very beautiful version of Solomon columns!
Just-in-fact, it is first two volumes of Solomon columns which were Joker. We wanted to edit the set in a large album, with new colors and three additional books that explain the symbolism and Masonic initiation. I especially wanted to achieve these explanatory, the many articles and discussions that followed the publication of the novels of Dan Brown, in which one could read or hear a lot of feelings, to say the least. There are therefore eighteen unpublished pages in this integral. Unfortunately can also find a few shells. If they are still not the eyes of outsiders, they will be inevitable in environments where I am well known. Finally, my manuscript was fair, and I have confidence in Joker. I can assure you that this will be corrected for the Second Edition and upcoming albums will be carefully handling. Indeed, I was delighted to work for the reissuance of Bastogne. Sales are also very well parties!
When the level of knowledge you have in this matter we see in these booklets, what look you focused on the Secret Triangle?
I think that this is the contre-initiation! It offered me to participate, but I’ve kindly declined. It reminds me of the use that Hugo Pratt made with Corto Maltese in Fables of Venice. Away from my point of view, which most axis in the tradition and transmission. Of course, you can see the different forms that can take these rules the world, as I have seen myself in China, but they remain immutable

What are your future projects?

I’m of course looking a solid partner for the publication of the great Olympic adventure, so everything is ready for London 2012! I also see what will be the future albums that I publierais with Joker. I would want to achieve other diptychs in the adventures of the Templar of Notre Dame, again with an unpublished book inserted, giving more information to outsiders who would seek to learn more. Could thus be said much more on some great masters of the order of the Temple or renowned insiders, such as for example Saint Bernard, Dante, Michelangelo or Blaise Pascal: there is much to do, but that is another story


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