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By Pellerin

De Havik

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 The Kermeur Yann chevalier, nicknamed the Hawk (“Ar Sparfell” in breton) is a pirate to the King of France in the 18th century and former pirate. Accused of a crime he did not commit, will not constantly to break the truth. In trying to elucidate this crime, it will find itself on the trail of a mysterious treasure excites the desire.
 Patrice Pellerin, who worked in the series Redbeard by Victor Hubinon and Jean-Michel Charlier does not want to return only the death of the latter, in July 1989, series and decided to create a new maritime series. Installed with his family in the brestoise region in the early 1990, he says that “the series grew out of [his] desire to use such settings”. The first three albums take place in this space of a few square kilometres [1]. He discovered in a book on Brest, the existence of a small local smuggler nicknamed the Hawk of Crozon. The name him please. It reuses for the first album a story written for Redbeard. Eric, his adoptive son becomes Yann de Kermeur, Baba and Pegleg respectively Cha – Ka and iron hand [2]. As the side a little Beefcake of Eric he not too pleased, he sought to create a character more of, more mysterious, somewhat violent past. The names of the characters are borrowed from his own family: Kermellec, Pouliquen, De Penhoët. The documentation is based on the works of Jean Boudriot, specialist of the maritime history of the 18th century, documents and models of the national Museum of the Navy.
The concern for realism makes difficult the presence of female characters. Only prostitutes or, exceptionally, large ladies could likely be on a non-merchant ship [3], which explains Marion and the Countess of Kermellec.
Yann de Kermeur is the main character of the series. He is nicknamed the Hawk, the name of the animal on the Blazon of his family and his extreme boldness that characterizes as well.
He is Captain of a vessel from the King the jellyfish. Sentenced to the galleys for piracy, but pardoned by the King, he wears the fleur de Lys on a shoulder. It has warehouses in Landerneau and du Faou, has to a secret hideout to Roc’h an Ankou (rock of the skeleton). His men are dedicated to him, he has many support in Brest where campaigns have reported to the shipowners. A female success.
His father, the baron de Kermeur was a breton hobby, covered with debts. He fought the English in the company of the Earl of Kermellec. He died in a duel, Yann has 5 years, it is wild, dirty, speaks only three words of English. His mother attempts to commit suicide. It is collected by the comte de Kermellec attaches to him, taught him weapons and horseback riding. At the age of 8, his mother remarried to a wealthy merchant who had lands in America. She takes her son. But she died six months after a bad fever. Her husband, the merchant resumes shortly after abandoning the child. Yann is collected by the Jesuits, but soon his duties ended, he sought refuge among the Indians. The mother of Cha – Ka becomes a bit his own. Cha – Ka and Yann live as brothers and roam the jungle.
Yann and the Earl of Kermellec will find themselves later in Cayenne in Equatorial Guiana island. Yann is a guide to the count. They found their complicity. In one of their expeditions, Yann sauve lack of losing an eye and life of the count (he in custody a scar).
Other characters [edit] the comte de Kermellec: died assassinated. He travelled the world of fossils and archaeological objects to enrich its collections.
the Countess Agnes of Kermellec: granddaughter of the Earl. Orphaned at the age of 10, it is collected by his grandfather. He taught him the use of weapons. Although she has never met Yann, they have shared memories: they were raised by the same man, on the lands of Kermellec.
Hervé de Villeneuve: cousin of Agnès
The Motte of Kerdu Mr
Marion: prostitute, lover of Yann
Cha – Ka: Indian, brother of blood of Yann
 Cycle 1 (Edition Dupuis Collection locations)
Volume 1: The Kermellec Trépassé (1994)
Volume 2: The rock of the skull (1995)
Tome 3: Storm on Brest (1997)
Tome 4: Captive on Board (1999)
Volume 5: The Treasury of the Mahury (2001)
Volume 6: The tears of Tlaloc (2005)
Full Edition – first cycle (2005) (ISBN 2-8001-3759-2)
Archives secret (2006)
Cycle 2 (éditions Quadrants of the Sun group)
Tome 7: The Mission (2009)
An adaptation for television is underway [4], under the direction of Stéphane keyboard. Six episodes of 52 minutes are planned, to be broadcast on France television during the second half of 2011. The casting includes [5]:
Aurélien Wiik: Yann Kermeur
Martin Lamotte: the marquis de la Motte
Lou Doillon: young Marion.
Fanny Valette: Agnès
Grégoire Colin: Cha – Ka
Bibliography [edit] Cédric Illand, on the poop with Pellerin, small to small, al. “Aficionado”, 2001 (ISBN 2914401086)
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External link
 (fr) unofficial Site containing among others a description of the albums, characters, and a biography of the author.

Patrice Pellerin

Born : 2 November 1955
Brest France
Nationalité : Français
Profession (s) : cartoonist and comic strip writer
Patrice Pellerin is a cartoonist and a French comic writer, born at Brest on November 2, 1955.
born in Brest on 2 November 1955, the son of a Reeve never long remained in the same region, Patrice Pellerin has lived in twenty-two different cities and even during three years in Madagascar, before moving to Landivisiaunot far from the sea that offers its décor to the characters he creates. Michelangelo or nothing! For a long time, such was his motto. Difficult to be more a self-taught: he learns the drawing alone, by copying the masters he admired the painters of the Renaissance or Grand Siècle. The place of Michelangelo is already taken, and that nothing does it interesting little, he resigned himself to be himself, Pellerin, a mixture of classical measure and novelties, taste for adventure and formal elegance. He worked a time at Reims in a cartoon studio, then discovers the tricks of the trade with Pierre Joubert.
He is the author of the comic strip the Hawk, nickname given to a privateer of the French King in the 18th century and former pirate. He is nicknamed the Hawk of Crozon, but his real name is Yann Yann de Kermeur Knight.
Publications : the Hawk
The Trépassé of Kermellec, Dupuis, Marcinelle, 1994 (ISBN 978-2800120539)
The rock of the skull, Dupuis, Marcinelle, 1995 (ISBN 978-2800121789)
Storm on Brest, Dupuis, Marcinelle, 1997 (ISBN 978-2800123479)
Captives on board, Dupuis, Marcinelle, 1999 (ISBN 978-2800128504)
The Treasury of the Mahury, Dupuis, Marcinelle, 2001 (ISBN 978-2800131221)
The tears of Tlaloc, Dupuis, Marcinelle, 2004 (ISBN 978-2800133904)
The mission, Sun Productions / Quadrants, Brussels, 2009 (ISBN 978-2-302 – 00391-0)
The Hawk: Secret, Dupuis, Marcinelle, 2006 (ISBN 978-2800138251) Archives
Eagles beheaded
The night of the jugglers – Jean-Charles Kraehn, Pellerin – 1986 – ISBN 2-7234-2908-3
The heir without name – Jean-Charles Kraehn, Pellerin and Chagnaud – 1987 – ISBN 2-7234-2518-5
The spurs of gold – Jean-Charles Kraehn, Pellerin and Jambers – 1988 – ISBN 2-7234-2504-5
In Novedi (catalogue Hachette)
Episode 22 traffickers of ebony wood – 1983 – scenario of Charlier, drawing of Pellerin
Episode 25 the rebels in the Jamaica-1987 – scenario of Charlier, drawing of Pellerin