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By Derib

De Grote Indiaanse Saga

Him who was born twice
Him who was born twice is a series of 3 albums of band comic written and illustrated by Derib.
It is the first component of a saga continues with the Red Road series.
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The story is happening in the 19th century and follows the lives of “Rain of Storm”, a young Sioux Indian.
Entered into relationship with the spirits,he will take the name of  “Him who was born twice”  and become a medicine man respected among his people.
Himwho was born twice: the hero
Bears that short fast: shaman of the tribe
Fall leaf: the grandmother of one-who-is-born-two-times
Lily white: young Indian who will become his wife
Squirrel quick: eldest son of one who is born twice
Small Sun: son of one who is born twice
Red Deer: young of the tribe to which one was born twice will pass on his knowledge of human medicine
Little Beaver: Friend of rain of storm (name of one who is born twice when young)
Albums of the series
 editions: the Lombard (stories and legends).
Thunderstorm rain, 1983 (ISBN 2-8036-0410-8)
The dance of the Sun, 1984 (ISBN 2-8036-0442-6)
The tree of life, 56 p., 1985 (ISBN 2-8036-0496-5)
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Born Claude de Ribaupierre
August 8, 1944 (1944-08-08) (age 66)
La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland
Nationality Swiss
Notable works Yakari
Go West
Buddy Longway
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Derib (born Claude de Ribaupierre on August 8, 1944, in La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland)[1] is a Swiss francophonecomicscreator, one of the most famous in Europe, who started his professional career at Peyo‘s studio. He is probably best known for his Western comics such as the children’s comic Yakari, and the more mature works Buddy Longway and Celui-qui-est-né-deux-fois (He-who-was-born-twice). He draws in both a realistic style, and a cartoon style (similar to other Franco-Belgian cartoonists, such as Peyo, Albert Uderzo etc. inspired by the Marcinelle style), with a fondness for drawing majestic landscapes of the American West. Many of his major works feature Sioux Native Americans in leading roles, and he has stated in interviews that he holds great admiration for the tribe.[citation needed]



  1. ^ De Weyer, Geert (2008) (in Dutch). 100 stripklassiekers die niet in je boekenkast mogen ontbreken. Amsterdam / Antwerp: Atlas. p. 214. ISBN 9789045009964

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Date of birth August 8, 1944
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