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By Rocca & Cassini



Memories with a high content

 of lies…

Gold Warrior,

Pirate in the service of himself …

Cheeky, pleasure seeker, liar, Romeo, free of qualms and cynical at every opportunity.
So is Adam Francis Wolfe, nicknamed Goudvreter,
English pirates captain and insanely reckless.
After he obtained a fantastic Spanish treasure ,
He sees itself compelled,
on an island in the Pacific Ocean,
to leave the treasure behind with the cannibals .
There is nothing else than to put together a crew from robbers,
pickpockets, bandits and other scum,
Ready for the hunt to go and find his treasure …
meanwhile evading
The Spaniards,
the law and former allies,
with the firm conviction,
to get rid of his “new friends” …

Georges Ramaïoli

Au Festival européen de la bande dessinée Strasbulles(Strasbourg, 2009)
Nice : France
Nationalité : Français
Profession (s):  cartoonist and comic strip writer
Georges Ramaïoli, born June 26, 1945 in Nice, is a cartoonist and a French writer of comic books. As a screenwriter, he signed his albums under the pseudonym of Simon Rocca.
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 Georges Ramaïoli was born in Nice on 26 June 1945. “According the family legend, is in the bubbles of small Mickeys” that he learns to read. Early self-taught artist, his mother refuses that the small Georges follow to 12 years in full nude drawing courses. At its great regret, it must therefore a few years to achieve a fair anatomical design (according to him) that satisfies.
After studies in engineering, he worked for thirteen years for the Ministry of equipment (at the time des Ponts et Chaussées) where he takes part, as he said, to “road disfigurement of the Côte d’Azur”. Next to this official job, he of the comic strip. One day, a colleague sharing the same passion he shows Nice-morning announcement in which a log of Tahiti search draughtsmen of BD. He tries his luck and published his first paid BD: “O tupapau”. Unfortunately, the journal published only a few weeks and adventure is going more far only a dozen pages.
After various attempts and unpaid in fanzines and publications, he met Jean Giraud / Moebius in 1973 come sign copies in Nice. The designer of Blueberry and Jean-Pierre Dionnet then planned to mount a review. He tells Georges Ramaïoli short story, offering to take in their newspaper if it comes to images. The review will finally be but story “Duel to Charity” will be published in Charlie monthly number 67 of August 1974. Later, in his number 92 of September 1976, Georges Ramaïoli publish another short story, Western, “and a rope to the executioner!”, written this time by René Durand. The two men met a few years earlier, following an advertisement placed by the writer in the “Current” magazine. Together they will create for editions Glénat Earth of the bomb, published in the magazine Le Canard Sauvage. At the judgment of this newspaper, Glénat launches the Circus magazine, in which the duo of authors published a new series: the French Indian. It is late 1979 – early 1980, while he draws together the Indian English and series land of the bomb, he decides to live his drawing and abandons his employment as a civil servant. Although that recognized at that time only as a draughtsman, Georges Ramaïoli participate already much to the development of scenarios. Indeed René Durand working also as Professor belatedly to deliver its scenarios. The series land of the bomb prematurely ends at the fifth album. After the publication of the seventh volume of the Indian French, Georges Ramaïoli leaves editions Glénat. After a few months wandering that bring it editions Milan (the Horus of Neken with François Corteggiani) and les éditions Blanco (Ardoukoba, with Philippe Aubert), between les éditions Lavauzelle, and published the first volume of what will be its biggest series : Zululand. This series marks his major debut as a screenwriter, with a small participation of his accomplice René Durand. A year after, éditions Lavauzelle, on mismanagement, abandon the comic strip. Georges Ramaïoli occurs without Editor. It is in Sun, emerging Publisher, will continue the publication of the Zululand (eighteen volumes in all) series and that will be the eighth and final album by the Indian English series. For this editor, who is also Director of collection, he takes the pseudonym Simon Rocca when he wrote for other artists. These include other Gérard Mathieu (Corpus Christi; two volumes), Michel Suro, (Barca; a tome) Jean Claude Cassini (Bouffe-duplicate; three volumes), Thierry Girod (Wanted, six volumes), André Houot (the Khan; five volumes), Serge Fino (Starblood; two volumes) and especially Jean-Yves Mitton, with which it will create its biggest another series : Vae Victis (fifteen volumes). Georges Ramaïoli did in abandoned not less drawing and published under his name as a complete author, not only the remainder of Zululand, but also the Scythians (three volumes) and the Saga of bottom of leather (six volumes), the series adaptation of the novels of James Fenimore Cooper.
After finding the series Vae Victis and Zululand, Georges Ramaïoli left Sun editions. He published the three volumes of the series the legend of Oregon-Jo in Joker, then began a new collaboration with Jean-Yves Mitton for the Colorado series. This time the roles are reversed, it will be the cartoonist and writer Mitton. The first album is first published by Carpe Diem. After review of this editor, Georges Ramaïoli embarks on the adventure of the self-publishing and publishes the suite of the Daric editions series.
In this editor, he also continued the Maya series, created several years earlier in collaboration with René Durand for Okapi magazine. However he rewrites the texts, which in the first version were addressed to a young audience. In addition to the Maya series and Colorado which should count five volumes each, he wrote for the young designer Julien Barthélémy a complete story in two volumes, Victor Hugo and the case of the daughters of Loth, published in 2009 by Clair de Lune. With this mini-series oscillating between humour and érostisme, Georges Ramaïoli proves to sixty-four years that he is still more than a rope to his bow.
 Ongoing series:
 Colorado (scenario: Georges Ramaïoli, drawing: Mitton, 4 albums in 2010, series provided in 5 volumes).
Maya (script and design: Georges Ramaïoli, 4 albums in 2010, series provided in 5 volumes).
Completed series:
 food-duplicate (scenario: Simon Rocca, drawing: Cassini, 3 albums in 1999, 2000 and 2001). Full cycle, even if a suite was being considered.
The French Indian (scenario: Durand, drawing: Georges Ramaïoli, 8 albums from 1978 to 1992).
Corpus Christi (scenario: Simon Rocca, design: Mathieu, 2 albums in 1991 and 1992).The two albums form a comprehensive history, other adventures were planned but never saw the day.
The Khan (scenario: Simon Rocca, drawing: Houot, 5 albums in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998 and 1999).
The Saga of bottom of leather (script and design: Georges Ramaïoli, 6 albums in 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001).
Starblood (scenario: Simon Rocca, drawing: Fino, 2 albums in 1999 and 2000). This series was reissued in the Clair de Lune editions under the title John Sorrow.
The land of the bomb (scenario: Durand, drawing: Georges Ramaïoli, 5 albums in 1979, 1981, 1982, 1984 and 1986).
Wanted (scenario: Simon Rocca, drawing: Girod, 6 albums in 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000 and 2004). The first 5 albums form a complete cycle, volume 6 is to follow.
Zululand (script and design: Georges Ramaïoli, 18 albums from 1987 to 2003).
MADO and Maildur (scenario: Durand, drawing: Georges Ramaïoli, 2 albums in 1983 and 1984)(recueils_d’histoires_courtes) (A 3rd album telling an adventure on 45 pages has been fully drawn but never published).
The legend of Oregon OJ (script and design: Georges Ramaïoli, 3 albums from 2004 to 2006).
VAE victis! (scenario: Simon Rocca, drawing: Mitton, 15 albums from 1991 to 2006).
Suspended series:
 the Scythian (script and design: Georges Ramaïoli, 3 albums between 1993 and 1994).
Aathon (scenario: Simon Rocca, drawing: Cèbe, 1 album in 2002).
Barca (scenario: Simon Rocca, design: Michel Suro, 1 album in 1996).
The scourge of God (scenario: Simon Rocca, drawing: February, 1 album in 1995).
The Horus of Nekhen (scenario: Corteggiani, drawing: Georges Ramaïoli, 2 albums in 1989 and 1990). * the cursed (scenario: Simon Rocca, drawing: Bautista, 1 album in 1993).
The gold of Sheba (originally published under the title “ardoukoba” (scenario: Aubert, drawing: Georges Ramaïoli, 3 albums in 1990, 1992 and 1994) the first two volumes can be read as a complete story.)
The Red Princess (scenario: Simon Rocca, drawing: Bec, 2 albums in 1995).
Seminole (scenario: Simon Rocca, drawing: Cassini, 1 album in 2002). May be regarded as a one-shot.
One shots:
 Volume 7 of the series the great battles of history in BD (scenario: Carbonnel, drawing: Georges Ramaïoli, 1984).
Dull West (script and design: Georges Ramaïoli, 1984).
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