This serie is actually the forerunner to “Godfried van Bouillon”….


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By Clayman & De Bom

1170. Silvester of Rochefort is ten years. His family is massacred by the gang of Hoderik the black and Silvester roams through the forests, after which he will be included in a monastery.
By the advice and friendship of brother Illya , who was a Templar in the past, he slowly overcomes his sadness and misery.
1177. Sylvester, for his 17 years, has an incredible knowledge in dealing with weapons.
The fire of revenge taking hold of him inside is increasing  higher  and higher.
One evening two renegade Crusaders request  accommodation in the monastery;
Silvester who is consumed by the memories of the blood and tears which have dominated his past ,
takes the law into his own hands and draws  his own future ….


Michel de Bom is a Belgian comic book writer born December 6, 1950 in Uccle in Belgium.
Michel de Bom studied first advertising at the Academy of fine arts of Brussels before returning to the Spirou journal where he wrote to Watch the series of gags the Déboussolés from 1975 to 1977. He wrote also at this time of the comic and participates by ad hoc collaborations in the animation of the newspaper. In 1977, he creates Alcofribas and O’Trush with Dede, and wrote several episodes of the Flagada (until 1979). In 1978, it creates Big Joe with Malik. After 1979 he returned more than from time to time in the journal for brush with Frank (1983-1989, 2000) and a story to follow Big Joe (renamed Antoine and his friends) in 1985. Five albums of brush are published from 1987 to 2003.
In 1981, he moved to Tintin, the periodical of the Lombard editions. With Walli, he resumed the series Modeste and Pompon (1981-1988) and chlorophyll (1984-1988). It gives birth to Julie, Claire and Cécile in 1982 with Sydney. In the 1980s, he animates also Cosmic Connection (with Walli, 1982-1988), Horn (with Walli, 1983), Rascaille and Flodalcol (with Patrick Cadot, 1983-1984), Katy Brizard (with Urbain, 1984-1985), Ywain and Yvon (with Patrick Cadot, 1984-1988), Nahomi (with fucking, 1984-1985), Chaffoux (with Patrick Cadot)(, 1986-1987), The conspirators (with Rodrigue, 1986-1987), Louis Valmont (with Drèze, 1986-1987), Mosquito (with Thierry Cayman, 1988), Sylvain de Rochefort (with Thierry Cayman, 1989-1991) and Gil Sinclair (with Walli, 1990-1992). ((In these series are published in album Modeste and Pompon and Nahomi)) (1985-1987), Julie, Claire and Cécile (from 1986), Ywain and Yvon and chlorophyll (1987-1989), Gil Sinclair and Sylvain de Rochefort (1990-1994).
With the end of Tintin, Bom is found without pre-publication support. His only series Julie, Claire and Cécile is guarded by the Lombard. In 2009, the 23rd volume in appeared.

Thierry Cayman


Thierry Cayman is comic Illustrator, born in Brussels on 1 January 1962.
He entered the editions of the Lombard in 1984 and publishes several short stories in the Tintin Journal.
He published his first series, Sylvain de Rochefort, with Michel Bom.
1 Publications
1.1 Sylvain de Rochefort
1.2 Godefroy de Bouillon
1.3 S.T.A.R.
Occasional 1.4
1.5 Jhen
 Sylvain de Rochefort :
Éditions du Lombard, Brussels, writer Michel Bom
Book 1: Water and blood (1990)
Volume 2: The forgotten (1991)
Tome 3: Prisoners of Baalbek (1993)
Volume 4: The trap of Montgisard (1994)
Godfrey of Bouillon:
 editions Lefrancq, Brussels, screenwriter Claude Rappé
Volume 1: The 7th lightning (1995)
Volume 2: The blood of the righteous (1996)
Volume 3: The black drakkar (1997)
 Éditions Casterman, Brussels, screenwriter Patrick Delperdange
Tome 1: Midnight light (2002)
Tome 2: Dawn is not clear (2003)
Tome 3: Under the feet, the empty (2003)
Tome 4: As the horse interfered (2004)
Tome 5: Nanotechs (2006)
Off series
 Collection ‘One world’, Casterman, Brussels, screenwriter Patrick Delperdange
Part of pleasure (2006)
Jhen [edit] Éditions Casterman, Brussels, screenwriter