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By Pleyers Jean


Giovani is a former fresco painter from Florence. Due to circumstances he saves the life of Sara, one of the mistresses of the French Dauphin Louis. As a result, he ends up from one adventure in the other.
Pleyers has collaborated with Jacques Martin for the series of Tristan, but now he takes scenario and drawings for his account. The drawing style he uses betrays the hand of his master and there is hardly distinguishable. Too many unnecessary side actions occasionally slows down the pace of the story, but that is largely compensated by the handsome, painstaking drawings. Here is clearly a master at work, and we should expect many beautiful buildings …
1. a Fox in exile
Scenario and drawings: Jean Pleyers
Time: 1456
The French dauphin Louis is by his father, Charles VII exiled.
Our hero, fresco painter Giovani is after a quarrel from Firenze departed and hopes to find work at the Burgundian court.
When he is the life of a young woman saves, he is not aware of the fact that he by her in all sorts of adventures will be involved. Shortly after he met her, he loses sight of her.
Sara is meanwhile ended up in a monastery whose Abbess has a secret …
2. the witches
Scenario & drawings: Jean Pleyers
Time: October 1456
In the castle of Méhun-sur-Yèvre awakens Sara Villequier from a nightmare. Once again she has dreamed how her nephews her rape. King Charles, with whom she shares the bed, do not know immediately what to do, but Pierre Brézé, with whom Sara martial exercises do, solves the problem: he leaves the castle of the cousins conquer and the cousins kill. Meanwhile, staying at the Giovani Borugondische Court on the Coudenberg. Soon meet Giovani Isabella of Portugal. Soon understands that the Burgundian court Giovani is one of intrigue and listen…

Jean Pleyers


(b. 27/6/1943, Belgium)

Xan comic strip, by Jean Pleyers
Xan: L’Or de la Mort (1984)

After his studies at the Institute Saint-Luc in Liège, Jean Pleyers became the assistant of Gérald Forton in 1966 and worked on the series ‘Teddy Ted’ in Pif Gadget and ‘Tiger Joe’ in La Libre Belgique Junior (script by André-Paul Duchâteau). Next, Pleyers created some short stories for Le Soir Jeunesse and some ‘Belles Histoires de l’Oncle Paul’ stories for Spirou. In 1971, he assisted Cuvelier on the ‘Line’ episode ‘La Caravane de la Colère’ and made comic adaptation of about a dozen novels for Artima.

Xan: Jehanne de France, by Jean Pleyers (1985)
Xan: Jehanne de France (1985)

In the following three years, while living in The Little Antilles, he drew ‘Pat Le Guadeloupéen’. Back in Belgium, he started working with Jacques Martin, whom he assisted on ‘Alix’ and with whom he created the science-fiction series ‘Xan’ (later retitled to ‘Jhen’) in 1978. Pleyers has drawn ‘Jhen’ until 2000, when he was succeeded by Bernard Capo.

Jhen: L'Archange, by Jean Pleyers (2000)
Jhen: L’Archange (2000)

In 1981, he additionally drew ‘Les Êtres de Lumière’ in Métal Hurlant. In 1992, he began another series with Martin, ‘Kéos’. In 1996 he created the historical comic series ‘Giovani’ for Casterman, for which he does both art and scriptwork.

Tristan, by Jean Pleyers


Jean Pleyers born in Verviers, Belgium, June 27, 1943, is an author of comic books.
1 Publications
1.1 The beings of light
1.2 Giovani
1.3 Keos
1.4 Jhen
Various 1.5
2. See also
 human beings of light
editions Humanoïdes Associés, then Hélyode (Brussels)
Volume 1: The exodus (1982, ISBN 2-87353-041-3)
Tome 2: Risk extrazorien (1984, ISBN 2-87353-048-0)
Editions Casterman
Volume 1: The exile of the Fox (1996)
Tome 2: Envoûteuses (1999)
Tome 3: Fortress (2002)
 Editions Casterman
Drawings of Jean Pleyers.
Scenario of Jacques Martin.
Tome 1: Osiris (1992)
Tome 2: Cobra (1993)
Volume 3: The golden calf (1999)
Editions Casterman
Drawings of Jean Pleyers.
Scenario of Jacques Martin.
1 – Gold of death (1984, re-Edition. 1998)
2 – France Jehanne (1985, re-Edition. 1998)
3 – Barbe bleue (1984)
4 – The écorcheurs (1984)
5 – Lys and the ogre (1986)
6 – The Cathedral (1985)
7 – The Alchemist (1989)
8 – The secret of the Templars (1990)
9 – The Archangel (2000)
11 – The serene (2009)
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