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By Arleston & Hübsch


No one forgot the fifth century, when the Druid Merlin helped the young Arthur on the throne of England. But Merlin became the victim of the witch Morgane.
Imprisoned in the heart of a rock the magician pined away …
Some centuries later, in the middle of the middle ages, Merlin is a free man again.
He discovers that the situation around him thoroughly changed.

Christophe Arleston

Christophe Arleston au Salon du livre de Paris en mars 2010
Christophe Arleston au Salon du livre de Paris en mars 2010

Name : Christophe Pelinq
Alias : Scotch Arleston, Christophe Arleston
Birth : 14 août 1963 (1963-08-14) (47 ans)
Aix-en-Provence, Drapeau : France France
Nationality : français
Profession(s) : scenarist of comic strips
Christophe Arleston (or Scotch Arleston [1]), its real name Christophe Pelinq, is a comic book writer born in Aix-en-Provence (Bouches) on August 14, 1963.
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After a childhood shared between Madagascar, Macon and Paris, it is again AIX for many years. He made the school of journalism at Marseille, worked as a journalist, man of communication, and began his career as an author by writing between 1985 and 1989 sixteen radio drama for France Inter.
His first two series of importance, the master cartographers and Léo Loden, appear in 1992 editions Soleil. It was in 1994 that out the first volume of his best known series Lanfeust of Troy. It is one of the biggest commercial successes of Sun editions. It is this point that starts really, in the eyes of the public, his career of writer features.
It is estimated that between 1994 and 2009, it has sold more than 12 million albums of BD.[REF. necessary]
In 1997 Arleston launches Trolls de Troy, a series of Lanfeust-derived. He will receive including the award for best screenplay in 1998 in Chambéry for the second volume of this series, and two times the prize for best album at the Angoulême festival youth (1998, 2002). He gets a third time this same price with Lanfeust de Troy in 2000. In August 1997, he created the Studio Gottferdom with Didier Tarquin, Dominique Latil and Philippe Pellet. This creative studio located in the heart of Aix en Provence quickly became a melting pot of young authors, which many have become names recognized in the middle of the comic strip.
In 1998, it uses the structure of the studio to create Lanfeust Mag, a monthly’s editor in Chief. It is a magazine focusing on fantasy and science fiction prépublie various series of editions Soleil, as well as unpublished gags and short stories, and which is a promotional tool for the editor. The magazine is quickly a success in a landscape where bands comic press was dying and he now joined his great elders are the Journal of Tintin, Spirou or driver, as monthly illustrated representative of an era.[REF. necessary]
Prolific writer, Christophe Arleston multiplies creations in different styles, of fantasy to the polar of the science fiction history, with generally humor as a thread.
In 2010, he launches into a kind and a narrative style very different from what it was until then, with Lord of Burger, a later-polardo-cullinaire saga on the environment of the great restoration and high gastronomy.
One shots and roman
 ■ the songs illustrated with Thiéfaine, Sun, 2008
Screenplay: Christophe Arleston – drawing: collective – ISBN 978-2-84946-716-9
■ culinary spells, Sun, 2008
Screenplay: Christophe Arleston – drawing: collective
■ Travel to shadow, Sun, 2011
Screenplay: Christophe Arleston and Audrey Alwett – design: Virginie Augustin
 Humour award at the festival of Solliès – ville 1993 for Léo Loden 3: Farewell My joliette
Youth Award in the festival of Illzach 1993 and Microfolie’s prize at the festival of Maisons-Laffitte for Léo Loden 4: grilled Provençal
Award for best screenplay at the festival de Chambéry, 1998 for Trolls of Troy 2: the Scalp of the venerable
Alph-Art Jeunesse 9-12 years at the festival d ‘ Angoulème
Trolls of Troy 1, 1998: stories troll
Lanfeust of Troy 7 2000: the pétaures hiding to die
Trolls of Troy 5 2002: the curse of the Wonderworker
 ↑ Scotch Arleston is the name under which he signed early in his career
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Bibliography [edit] the traveller of Troy, interviews with Thierry Bellefroid, Soleil, 2008 (ISBN 2302001893)
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