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By Harriet & Mata



1. The Golden man

A group of Spanish soldiers led by Juan Cortejo, became separated from their main force and tries his way through the jungle to find. They take a village, but when stocks run out, the villagers say them that they should go. This is not the way of the soldiers, but a rumor about a golden man and rich treasures lying in a temple let them a trip on the River prepare. What they don’t know is that the Indians might be a straight fight with them cannot cope with, but they do have powerful magic behind the hand …
2. The pearl of Cubagua
A lawyer and a dinaar accompany the future bride of Don Ramon de Alcantara to the colonies; along with her gift for him: a Spanish Bull. The relationship between the lawyer and the bride, and neither is who they pretend to be, ends when they arrive. Don Ramon turns out to be a heartless beast, and his slaves use magic to get rid of him. That magic throws the already interwoven relationships between the various players in this game even more together …
3. Jaguar people
 There is an expedition equipped to take the spot to find where Marcos will come from. Not so much to find out what was happening, but to discover where the gold that covered his clothes was coming from. Dona Antonio overtruigt Marcos to accompany them as a guide, on the pretext of her long-lost brother. But what Marcos really was convinced that he had a vision of Orocomay, which is in difficulties seemed to be …