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By Brunschwig & Cagniat


“Just before the time the last King sentenced to death by his own people, will be beheaded, he knows a little girl two foreign figurines in hands to play.
In both of these figurines is a special power:
In one the yeast, to better rule,
In the other the grace, to better distribute.
They are wild times: happiness is scarce and life is a lottery … “
Doerak is a loan word from Russian; doerak (дурак) means in that language, silly ‘ dunce ‘. In English meant doerak initially, despicable ‘ common man ‘, but later, with the advent of watered-down meaning ‘ Vice ‘, bengel (according to Van Dale (2005) is this meaning even “conveniently”).
According to the Etymological Dictionary of the English (EWN), the Dutch the Russian word presumably inherited from the Cossacks, who in 1813 and 1814 Netherlands helped the troops of Napoleon to oust.
Moreover, according to the EWN pas in 1879 for the first time in writing.
The EWN reports that further similar Malay word kent: durhaka, that ‘ rebellious ‘ or ‘ insurrectionist ‘ means.
However, it is not obvious that our word doerak from there comes, as is sometimes suggested, because this word also appears in languages which don’t have contact with the Malay. (I)

Luc Brunschwig

Luc Brunschwig, scriptwriter for comic strips was born on September 3, 1967 in Belfort. He currently lives in Obernai, in the region of Strasbourg.
Angus Powderhill (Les Humanoïdes Associés)
Luc Brunschwig scenario; Vincent Bailly drawings; color Isabelle Cochet
The spirit of Warren (Delcourt, collection blood cold)
Luc Brunschwig scenario; Stéphane Servain drawings; coloured Claude Guth, Delphine Rieu
Makabi (Dupuis, collection locations)
Luc Brunschwig scenario; Olivier Neuray drawings; color Isabelle Cochet
The new adventures of Mic Mac Adam (Dargaud)
Luc Brunschwig scenario; drawings Benn; Colors Color Twins
The power of the innocent (Delcourt, collection blood cold)
Luc Brunschwig scenario; drawings and color Laurent Hirn
Sixty blocks (NEO)
Luc Brunschwig scenario; drawings Michel Crespin
The smile of the clown (Futuropolis)
Luc Brunschwig scenario; drawings and color Laurent Hirn
Urban Games (Les Humanoïdes Associés)
Luc Brunschwig scenario; drawings Jean-Christophe Raufflet; colour Caroline Van Den Abeele
Rascals (Delcourt, collection land of legends)
Luc Brunschwig scenario; Laurent Cagniat drawings; (colour Fabrys, Claude Guth)
After the war (Futuropolis, collection 32)
Luc Brunschwig scenario; (designs Freddy assisted Martin of Etienne Leroux)
Holmes (Futuropolis, collection 32)
Luc Brunschwig scenario; (Cecil designs)
The memory in the pockets (Futuropolis)
Luc Brunschwig scenario; (designs Etienne Le Roux)
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Laurent Cagniat

Laurent Cagniat (born March 15, 1968 in Vitry) is writer and Illustrator of comics.
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Rascals (complete series)
Tome 1: POPs arm of clay – Luc Brunschwig scenario
Tome 2: Dame breccia-Dent – Luc Brunschwig scenario
Tome 3: Justine of the gods – Luc Brunschwig scenario
Pitchi Poï
Tome 1: Pitchi Poï – with Claude Guth
Volume 2: The madness Pom’pet – with Claude Guth
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Tibill the Lilling
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