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By Marty & Thirault

“I am the secret eye of God. You will become his strongest arm! “

A warlord, a ruthless Princess and a young man with mystical gifts are a terrible, warlike and fell in love with trio.

Istvàna, the beautiful military woman who claims the Tafurs can barely hide her impatience in the arms of Karlis, “Black Body”, leader of the Holy militia, now the promised looting ever be postponed.

Hermance is torn between his passion for Princess Istvàna and his debt to Karlis. He has doubts. Should he take destiny into their own hands and its port use?

“The dream of Jerusalem”, in the time of the first crusade, is an incredible history about violence, love and faith…



Philippe Thirault

Philippe Thirault (born September 18, 1967 in Paris) is a French comic book writer and novelist.

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 Although Parisian birth, born to a surgeon father, Amiens (sum) that Philippe Thirault spent much of his childhood before leaving the area after Lac to integrate Sciences-Po is. passionate about history, he discovered that the education of rue Saint-Guillaume is not him and out eventually five years later without a diploma. Reaches from the age of seven years by writing the virus, it darkens the blocks to order of his father, then, young adult, writes tirelessly scenarios of comic plays and dozens of news, without success. Discouraged, he turned in a job for an Institute of survey for almost ten years before writing, pushed by his wife. It is published in 1998 hemoglobin Blues his first novel (written in 1995, first volume of the collection black of the editor). Following Lucy, Western modern the serpent to feathers, edited by Tania Capron (freely adapted in strips drawn with Marc Malès in 2004), and then happy the fools and finally Speedway in 2000.
Noticed by Sébastien Gnaedig, then Publisher Humanoïdes Associés, which associates it with the designers Marc Riou and Mark Vigouroux, Thirault written saga Miss, black and violent story in four volumes on the tribulations of a couple of hit men, Slim and Nolait black, she white, with American prohibition and segregation against the background. The qualities of dialogue writer writer and the innovative design of its two designers, influenced by Milton Caniff, Frank Miller, and Kevin O’Neil, is a noted critical success. In 2000, the third opus is even present in the Alph-Art Coup de Coeur selection. But the home of the public despite the word of mouth remains reserved, and the series ends in 2002. A paperback full version (TPB, black and white format) appears in late United States the American subsidiary of the Humanos (Humanoids Publishing) in 2002. This same version appears in Europe in summer 2008. The writer would rebound quickly from the same Publisher, with a new project in 2001, miles faces, fantastic western in collaboration with Marc Malès. He quickly follows its editor, Sébastien Gnaedig in 2003 Editions Dupuis and became a spearhead of the newly created with not less than three series prints collection (Lucy with Malès in 2004, the daughter of the Yukon with Radovic in 2005 and the dream of Jerusalem with Lionel Marty in 2007) while continuing its collaboration with the humanoid Partners via the continuation of his series and new projects, one with Christian Hojgaard in 2004 for the Pack of hell, the other with an American cartoonist, Butch Guice, for Mandalay.
In addition to the stories with a historical setting and often fantastic frame allied to a realistic drawing, he began a collaboration with his editor and friend Sebastien Gnaedig which became Illustrator for the occasion, for a succession of contemporary stories where fierce cynicism outweighs a scathing black humorproviding an offset with the “big nose” design and the minimalism of his draftsman. Two Comix appear among the cyclist, between 1999 and 2000, my neighbors are great and A good plan in good plan, complemented by an integral. After emptying the Recycle Bin in Rackham in 2003 and A thick layer of feelings among Dupuis in 2006, fable fierce and appallingly just the business world. Similarly, he published in 2007 new editions Futuropolis lyrics of Tox-12 testimony, in line with the collection lyrics of initiated by the Festival BD Boum de Blois usually written by Éric Corbeyran and edited by Guy Delcourt. The book, which collects evidence of drug addicts among other receives the collaboration of François bud, Étienne Davodeau, Sylvain Savoïa, Sébastien Gnaedig and Emmanuel Moynot.
Philippe Thirault dedicated a special David Lynch and Bertrand Blier film admiration; David b., Berberian, Bess, Blain, Brunschwig, De Crecy, Dupuy, Hergé, Goossens, Goscinny, Larcenet, Peyo, Pellejero, Rabaté, Taniguchi, Tezuka and Zentner for the comic strip.
Works published
Editions the Plumed serpent
Hemoglobin blues (03-1998) ISBN 978-2020490894
Lucy (10-1998) ISBN 978-2842610319
Happy fools (09-1998) ISBN 978-2842610777
Speedway (08-2000) ISBN 978-2842611392
Comic strips
Les éditions Les Humanoïdes Associés
Miss (four Volumes) with Marc Riou and Mark Vigouroux Scarlett Smulkowski
Bloody Manhattan (04-1999) ISBN 2-7316-1373-4
A sweet song (04-2000) ISBN 2-7316-1401-3
White Lily (06-2001) ISBN 2-7316-1457-9
Dirty joke my love (07-2002) ISBN 2-7316-1541-9
Full language edition English:
Better Living Through Crime (08-2002) ISBN 978-1930652811
Thousand faces with Marc Malès
London/Dakota (05-2001) ISBN 2-7316-1448-X
One is not born (09-2002) ISBN 2-7316-1545-1
The stall of the daemon (2003-04) ISBN 2-7316-6238-7
Tears of ash (May 2006) ISBN 2-7316-6300-6
“End of all things” (2009) with Mario Janni
The Pack of hell with Christian Hojgaard
The companions of the Eagle (11-2003) ISBN 2-7316-1551-6
The return of Harith (11-2005) ISBN 2-7316-1551-6
The secret of the Sibyl (11-2006) ISBN 2-7316-1675-X with Drazen Kovacevic
Mandalay with Butch Guice and Mike Perkins
Mirrors of the shadow (06-2006) ISBN 2-7316-6306-5
The jungle of ice (11-2006) ISBN 2-7316-1812-4
“Invasions” (05-2009) isbn 2-7316-1976-7
The cyclist editions
My neighbors are great (diptych) with Sébastien Gnaedig
My neighbors are wonderful (01-1999) ISBN 2-912249-12-0
A good Plan in good plan (2000) ISBN 2-912249-25-2
Completed full Edition:
A rent: my neighbours are great; a good plan in good plan (01-2001) ISBN 2-912249-33-3
Rackham editions
Emptying the Recycle Bin (05-2003) ISBN 2-87827-071-1
With the collaboration of Sébastien Gnaedig
Editions Futuropolis
Words of Tox (11-2006) ISBN 2-7548-0083-2
With the collaboration of Alfred, François Bourgeon, Christopher, Étienne Davodeau, Sébastien Gnaedig, Nicolas Juncker, Etienne Le Roux, Freedy Martin and Vincent Froissard, Olivier Milhiet and Emmanuel Moynot, Christian Perrissin, Jean-Philippe Peyraud, David Prudhomme and Sylvain Savoïa.
Éditions Dupuis
Collection prints
Lucy (diptych) with Marc Malès
Traffickers of hope (06-2004) ISBN 2-8001-3594-8
That keep the wolves (06-2005) ISBN 2-8001-3679-0
The daughter of Yukon (Triptych) with Sinisa Radovic
The stairs of gold (04-2005) ISBN 2-8001-3672-3
Broken head (09-2006) ISBN 2-8001-3819-X
Eldoradores (11-2007) ISBN 978-2-8001-3937-1
The dream of Jerusalem (four Volumes expected) with Lionel Marty
The sacred militia (2007-01) ISBN 978-2800139357
Divine test (04-2008) ISBN 9782800140926
Expresso collection
A thick layer of feelings (One Shot) (03-2006) ISBN 2-8001-3806-8
With the collaboration of Sébastien Gnaedig
Les éditions Dargaud
“O’Boys” (01-2009) ISBN 978-2205-05932-8
With the collaboration of Steve Cuzor
Editions Delcourt
Ex Libris collection
Father Goriot (Balzac human of the comedy adaptation) ISBN-1371 978-2-7560-8
Father Goriot vol. 2 (adaptation of the comedy human Balzac) ISBN-1372 978-2-7560-5
In collaboration with Thierry Lamy and Bruno Duhamel
[Edit] projects in 2009, Philippe Thirault continues its numerous series. An already completed concept album still to be published by the Éditions Dupuis
In the skin (from the new to Caryl Férey) with Guillem March. One-Shot for the future collection Black Sands of the Dupuis editions bringing adaptations of works fantastic.
External links [edit] official website of the author containing unpublished documents and a blog
Documentation [edit] Thierry Bellefroid, Catherine Henry, Interview of Philippe Thirault, Marc Riou and Marc Vigouroux: Miss BD Paradisio, Brussels, 2001 here

Lionel Marty

(b. 3/1/1971, France)

Le Rêve de Jerusalem by Lionel Marty
Le Rêve de Jérusalem

Bornin Aurillac, Lionel Marty studied applied arts and began his career illustrating for roleplaying games. His career in comics started in 1998, when he settled in Angers and joined the atelier La Boîte qui fait Beuh. He teamed up with studio member and writer Eric Omond and began the ‘Mort Linden’ series at Delcourt in 2000. Three books were published by Delcourt until 2004. In 2007 Marty teamed up with Philippe Thirault to create ‘Le Rêve de Jérusalem’ in the collection Empreinte(s) of the publishing house Dupuis.

Mort Linden, by Lionel Marty
Mort Linden