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By Denayer & Duchâteau

Christian Denayer

Christian Denayer, born in Ixelles on September 28, 1945, is a Belgian comic creator.
After studies of teacher, his first vocation, Christian Denayer launches in the drawing. He began the Journal de Tintin, in 1962, where Jean Graton entrusted sets and cars of Michel Vaillant. In 1966, he met Tibet who does work on the series Ric rattle and him meet with André-Paul Duchâteau.
Their collaboration born in 1969 Yalek, first in the Belgian daily Le Soir and then in the Tintin Journal, and then in 1970, the adventures of the car driver Alain Chevallier, then in 1975 the adventures of Al and Brock in the rioters.
After a passage in the journal of Spirou in 1973, he created the Lombard the Gord series in 1986, a saga of science fiction written by Franz. Then in 1994 he began solo series generation college narrating the adventures of a group of college students in the United States.
In Claude Lefrancq, it draws in 1989 the TNT series, adapted by Loup Durand and André – Paul Duchâteau, based on the novels of Michaël Borgia (collective pseudonym of Pierre Rey and Loup Durand).
Since 2001, it is the designer of the series of comic strip of action/adventure Wayne Shelton at Dargaud.
Patrick Leman, Michel Vasseur (published in Spirou) scenario
Yalek, André-Paul Duchâteau scenario (Rossel editions). Denayer draws the first seven volumes.
Alain Chevallier, André-Paul Duchâteau scenario
The rioters, André-Paul Duchâteau scenario
Gord, Franz (Lombard and P & T Production) scenario
T.N.T., scenario of Loup Durand and André – Paul Duchâteau
Generation College (Lombard)
Wayne Shelton, Jean Van Hamme scenario (Dargaud)
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(fr) Site devoted to the adventures of Gord by Christian Denayer and Franz

André-Paul Duchâteau

Name of naissance : André-Paul Duchâteau
Nickname (s) Michel Vasseur (1962-1967)
Naissance8 may 1925 (1925-05-08) (age 85)
Tournai, Belgium
Profession (s) writer
comic strip writer
Editor in Chief
Literary Director of comic strip
television screenwriter
André-Paul Duchâteau, born May 8, 1925, at Tournai in Belgium, is a journalist, novelist, mystery novel writer and comic strip writer. He was responsible for editorial to the Rossel publishing, editor of the Journal of Tintin in 1976, literary Director of the Lombard, responsible for editions of the BD editions Lefrancq detectives collection in 1989 and screenwriter for television. He is known under several pen names: d. Aisin (BD), Michel Vasseur (from 1962 to 1967), André Jean, André Noh, Michaël Nô, André neighbour and the collective pseudonym Cape with Christian Denayer [1].
1 Biography
2 Series of comic strip carried out
3 Novels
4. Other
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6 Notes and references
Comic scriptwriter and writer police (police literature prize in 1974 with five to seven with death), he notably wrote series Ric rattle, implementing a journalist-reporter in investigations by Tibet. He was editor of the newspaper Le Journal de Tintin, has written for radio and television dramas.
Completed comic series
 Alain Chevallier
Arsène Lupin
Boule and Bill – 1-
Bruce j. Hawker
Carol detective
Box departure (Wolf Editions)
The rioters, drawings by Christian Denayer
Investigating the future Chancellor
Chick Bill, drawings of Tibet
Chris Melville
The fear-of-nothing Club (the)
Edgar Wallace
Investigations of the chat-tigre
Hans, drawings by Grzegorz Rosinski, then Kas (Le Lombard)
The lost world
Monsieur Wens
Mr Magellan
The mysteries of Bruges
Peggy Press
Pharaoh, drawings by Daniel Hulet (Glénat)
Ric rattle, drawings of Tibet
Richard Bantam
The romantics, drawings of Lenaerts (Casterman)
Rouletabille (CLE) and (Sun) drawings by Bernard C. Swysen
Serge Morand
Sherlock Holmes (CLE) and (Sun), Guy clear drawings, Stibane, Bruno DiSano
Space Gordon
Terror drawings of René Follet (Le Lombard, signed collection)
Jean Valhardi
Vanity, drawing of Kash (Joker P & T productions)
 in the (Collection Board):
Murder for murder
All or nothing
Death is the travel
In the editions of the rock, the masters of police literature collection:
5-7 With death (1985)
The girl left on the photo (1987)
Die in Angoulême (1990)
In the editions of the mask:
Charles Dickens: The paths of the Moon (2000)
Charles Dickens: The thief of souls (2000)
Charles Dickens: The angels of wax (2003)
In the editions of Quorum, Police Fiction collection:
Challenges impossible (1994)
He also prefaced the integral of the works of Stanislas – Andre Steeman published mask and wrote a biography of this author that he admired and which allowed him to publish his first novels:
The writer lives in 21 (Quorum Editions, 1998).
Other [edit] André – Paul Duchâteau, Gentleman storyteller (Le Lombard, collection authors Lombard, 2005: a monograph devoted to André – Paul Duchâteau, written by Patrick Gaumer, proposes a series of interviews, bibliography, and illustrations.)
7 to 77 years, memories of a writer (éditions Mémor, 2002): an autobiography