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By Malik & Cauvin


Cupidon is a Belgian comics series written by Raoul Cauvin and drawn by Malik


Publication history

Cupidon made its debut in the comics magazine Spirou on October 5, 1988.[1] To date 19 albums have been published by Dupuis.


Cupidon features short stories about the adventures of a little Putto attempting to bring love on earth. His headquarters are in Heaven and he is dispatched by a (hot-tempered) Saint Peter.

With his bow and arrows, Cupidon is usually prone to blunders, bringing together people of contrasting personalities, even matching together animals not necessarily of the same species.


Cover of Solitude (2007)

  1. Premières flèches, 1990
  2. Philtre d’amour, 1991
  3. Baiser de feu, 1991
  4. Souffle au cœur, 1992
  5. Arc en ciel, 1993
  6. L’Ange et l’eau, 1994
  7. Un amour de gorille, 1995
  8. Je l’aime un peu…, 1996
  9. Vive la mariée, 1997
  10. Coup de foudre, 1998
  11. Lune de miel, 1999
  12. Le Cœur dans les nuages, 2000
  13. Jour de chance, 2001
  14. Toutes les amours du monde, 2002
  15. Plus jamais seul, 2003
  16. Cadeau du ciel, 2004
  17. Amour en cage, 2005
  18. Rien que pour vous!, 2006
  19. Solitude, 2007



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Name of naissance : William Tai

Nickname (s) : Malik, Phoenix

Naissance : 2 January 1948


Nationalité : belge

Profession (s) : cartoonist and comic strip writer

Malik – his real name William Tai – is a cartoonist and writer, Belgian, comics, born January 2, 1948 [1] in Paris. Under the pseudonym of Phoenix, it draws several erotic stories for the magazine Bédéadult’ [2].



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