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By Convard & Vernal

Cranach de Morganloup

Cranach the Morganloup is the “traveler of Gates” …
What is a passage? Everything that gives access to another place.
This is how Cranach in the past, and rightly so, in a Celtic environment, which we do not know exactly what time it is. He can tegelijkerteid in space and in time travel. He owns a magic sword that has a beautiful name and extraordinary powers: the sword GAËLLE.
This sword, which at the same time a good and an evil influence, sends his life and about his thoughts. He would like to get rid of it though but this may not be. He would simply want to live with his wife Gwenn Morgane and his son, but Gaëlle is always present, just as cold as the metal of the gods, from which it was forged, it is authoritative and demanding.
Cranach must, depending on his adventures in a world of “Heroic Fantasy”, answer a big contradiction: “Fights he is for or against the sword?”
And who both, the sword or he makes himself master of the spirit of the other? …..


Didier Convard

Born : 16 January 1950 (1950-01-16) (age 61)
Paris, France
Nationalité : français
Profession (s) : cartoonist, comics scriptwriter
Didier Convard is a comic strip author born on January 16, 1950 in Paris. Both writer and Illustrator of comic books, he is also author of children’s literature.
After a school of applied graphic arts and four years of education of advertising, Convard joined the world of the 9th art in 1972 with the achievement of a school book, written in collaboration with Serge Saint-Michel: the French and the BD. Then it will work with Juillard on Isabelle Fantouri; between 1976 and 1980 date from which it will begin to draw many stories for the Tintin journal. There, he met his great seniors and masters of the comic.
In 1981, Convard succeeds François bud for the designs of Brunelle and Colin. In 1986, he designed for the magazine experience history series the heirs of the Sun. In addition to the comic, it adapts to I bouquine classic novels such as Poil de carotte of Jules Renard. Progressively abandoning the drawing, it is dedicated soon more than writing.
He begins to fictionalize many stories, creates series recognized as cats and snow. He is also memories of Toussaint in 1989, Finkel in 1994 or even Polka in 1995. But Didier Convard is mainly the conductor of a collective project on the history of Christianity and Freemasonry, where he gives his story to illustrate to André Juillard, Christian Gine, Denis Falque, Gilles Chaillet, Éric Stalner and Pierre Wachs: the secret Trianglewhich sold over a million copies and whose rights are to be purchased by a film producer.
Following the success of this series, the Publisher Glénat has developed the black “The lodge” collection in which the derived series INRI, Hertz and the guardians of blood are published. The secret Triangle declined in several registers, navigating between the picture and wrote, since he is also a novel that won the fiction of the Masonic Institute Award. The second book, the five Knights Templar of Jesus, came to Mazarine-Glénat editions.



Vernal, Jean-Luc

  • Identifying BEL: 903
    Name: Vernal
  • First name: Jean-Luc
    Born on 23/09/1944 (Bel)
Born on 23/09/1944, Jean-Luc Vernal is passionate history and particularly of the Greeks, Celts, Romans, the high middle ages in Europe and the Japan, and the conquest of America Spanish.
According to Jean-Luc Vernal, without perfect knowledge of the past, there is no future.
The creation of “Jugurtha” (with Hermann, and then to the Lombard Franz) to that of “Ian Kalédine” (with Ferry to the Lombard), he continued to develop this theme that is dear to him.