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By TaDuc & Le Tendre


AuteurOlivier Taduc
The soft ScénarioSerge
CouleursClaude Guth
Céline Puthier
Nadine Voillat
Type (s) Western
Country :  France
Language originale : Français
ÉditeurLes Humanoïdes Associés
Albums9 NB.
Chinaman is a series of band comic artist Olivier Taduc and Serge the tender writer, originally published at Les Humanoïdes Associés, then at Dupuis from 2001.
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 The following Unveils times the plot key.
The hero, Chen Long Anh, was renamed Chinaman upon his arrival from China by the services of immigration to San Francisco. Like his compatriots, he worked in the construction of the first transcontinental railroad. It is a former mercenary-loving freedom and justice. The history of place in the Far West in the 19th century. As and extent of the episodes, it appréhendera the new world in his own way with its culture and ideas. It will often have to fight in a world that accepts poorly the difference. It will try to be a place but most of the time the injustices around him grow to act…
History this section is empty, insufficiently detailed or incomplete. Your help is welcome! Characters [edit] this section is empty, insufficiently detailed or incomplete. Your help is welcome!Chen Long Ann: the main character who will rename to John Chinaman.
CHOW: The friend of Chen, who will accuse his own friend of the murder of Master Wei because one above him had betrayed.
Kim: a young woman that Chow and Chen love but she and her family will die when Wei Unveils information to Hopper. It is the master Wei who is responsible.
Hopper: a business man is very despicable.
ADA: a teacher who will be the wife of Chinaman.
Wild Catty: a bandit nana who died in Tucano. It and its types want the skin of Crawford
Crawford: a bonus Hunter who wants to eliminate Wild Catty
The mountain of gold (1997) ISBN 2-8001-3171-3
Weapons equal (1998) ISBN 2-8001-3172-1
For Rose (1999) ISBN 2-8001-3173-X
The eaters of rust (2000) ISBN 2-8001-3174-8
Dupuis (collection “Repérages”)
Between two shores (2001) ISBN 2-8001-3175-6
Blood brothers (2002) ISBN 2-8001-3239-6
Clashes at Blue Hill (2004) ISBN 2-8001-3389-9
The hanged (2005) ISBN 2-8001-3656-1
Tucano (2007) ISBN 978-2-8001-3847-3

Olivier Ta

 Name of naissanceOlivier Ta

Naissance :  5 March 1962
Perreux-sur-Marne France
Nationalité : Française
Profession (s) cartoonist and comic strip writer
Olivier Ta, said TaDuc (born March 5, 1962 in Perreux-sur-Marne) is a French comics author.
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it is French of Vietnamese origin.
After his medical studies, he decided to devote himself to his passion: comic drawing. His meeting with Dieter allows him to achieve some stories in the magazine Triolo of Fleurus editions from 1986. He also shared a workshop with two other comic authors: Thierry Robin and Pierre – Yves Gabrion.
Sark (in Glénat) on a scenario of Dieter
Volume 1: The notch (1990)
Tome 2: Camisards (1991)
The Voyages of Takuan (among Delcourt), resumption of the series from the tome 3 on a scenario of Serge Le Tendre
Tome 1: Fools of God – Emiliano Siméoni designs (1991)
Volume 2: The book of blood – Emiliano Siméoni designs (1991)
Volume 3: The voice of the bear (1994)
Volume 4: The black source (1995)
Volume 5: The mother of pain (1996)
Chinaman (ongoing series), on a scenario of Serge Le Tendre
Volume 1: The mountain of gold (1997 at Les Humanoïdes Associés then Dupuis 2001)
Tome 2: Has equal (1998 at Les Humanoïdes Associés then Dupuis 2001)
Tome 3: For Rose (1999 among the Humanoïdes Associés then Dupuis 2001)
Volume 4: The eaters of rust (2000 at Les Humanoïdes Associés then Dupuis 2001)
Tome 5: Between two shores (2001 in Dupuis)
Volume 6: Blood brothers (2002 in Dupuis)
Tome 7: Clashes at Blue Hill (2004 in Dupuis)
Volume 8: The hanged (2006 in Dupuis)
Tome 9: Tucano (2007 chez Dupuis)
The fantastic life of Napoleon Tran (ongoing series), on a scenario of Nicolas Barral, in Dupuis
Tome 1: My grandpa is a phantom: season 1 (2008)
Volume 2: my grandpa is a phantom: season 2 (expected in June 2009 [1])
External links [edit] (fr) Olivier Taduc official Blog
(fr) Interview on illustrated

Serge Le Tendre

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Le Tendre publishes its first scenarios in 1975 in pilot and Tousse Bourin. The same year, he began the quest for the bird of time in Imagine, luxurious fanzine led by Rodolphe. The series relaunched for Charlie monthly in 1982 and then published by Dargaud meeting a great success and is today regarded as the founding act of Heroic fantasy in French comic strip.
It then creates with Pierre Makyo and Alain Dodier in 1985 Jérôme k. Jérôme Bloche, a detective in the pure vein of detective stories, which he abandoned the scenario after the first two volumes, in 1987 the Cycle of Tai Doranother series of Heroic fantasy to success, labyrinths in 1993. Currently, he works primarily from his western Asian Chinaman, inaugurated with TaDuc in 1997.
Published works
Le Tendre is scriptwriter of all these works.
The Nocturnes, with Patrick Cothias (story) and Régis Loisel (story and drawing), Kesselring, 1978.
The quest for the bird of time, with Régis Loisel (drawing 1-4, 3-5 colours) and Lidwine (drawing t. 5), Dargaud, 5 volumes, 1983-1998.
The wanderings of Julius Antoine, with Christian Rossi (drawing), Albin Michel:
Léa, 1985.
The House, 1988.
The subject, 1989.
Jérôme k. Jérôme Bloche, with Pierre Makyo (story) and Alain Dodier (drawing), Dupuis, 2 volumes, 1985.
Time of castles vol. 1: the Château de Fontainebleau, with Fabien Lacaf (drawing), Éditions of tree Images, 1985.
Edmond and Crustave, with Christian Rossi (drawing), Futuropolis, 1987.
The Cycle of Tai Dor with Rodolphe (story), Jean-Luc Serrano (drawing t. 1-6) and Luc Foccroulle (drawing t. 7), Vents D’ouest:
Gloves of Tai Dor, 1987.
The mask of Tai Dor, 1988.
Gilles de Tai Dor, 1989.
1, 1991 Black widow.
2, 1992 Black widow.
The lost children, 1994.
The Mage, 1997.
For the love of art, with Pascale Rey (story), Dargaud:
The case Van Rotten with Béhé (drawing), 1991.
Babel, with Jean-Pierre Danard and François Pierre (drawing) rings, 1994.
The Royal comedy, with Jean-Pierre Danard and François Pierre (drawing), 1995.
Conveyors, with Jean-Pierre Danard and François Pierre (drawing), 1997.
The travel of Takuan, with Emiliano Siméoni then Taduc (drawing), Delcourt, al. “Conquistador”, 5 volumes, 1987-1996.
The black bird, with Jean-Paul Dethorey (drawing), Dupuis, al. “Free range”, 1992.
Mazes, with Dieter (story) and Jean-Denis Pendanx (drawing), Glénat, al. “Grafica”:
The God who suffers, 1993.
The death that works!, 1995.
Agwe Wedo, 1996.
The masters of the Agartha, 1997.
The last Moon, Rodolphe (story) and Antonio Parras (drawing), Lombard, 1993.
The glory of Hera, with Christian Rossi, Casterman, 1996.
Chinaman, with TaDuc (drawing), Dupuis, coll. “Repérages”, 9 volumes, 1997-2007. (1 – The mountain of gold, 2-A weapons equal, 3 Rose, 4 – eaters of rust, 5 – between two shores, blood brothers-6, 7-clashes in Blue Hill, 8 – 9-Tucano and hanged.)
The history of Siloe, with Stéphane Servain (drawing), Delcourt, al. “neopolis”, 2 volumes, 2000-2003.
Tirésias, with Christian Rossi (drawing), Casterman, 2 volumes, 2001.
Mister George, Rodolphe (story) and Hugues Labiano (drawing), Le Lombard, al. “signed”:
Mister George 1, 2003.
Mister George 2, 2004.
The book of fates, with Franck Biancarelli (drawing), Soleil Productions, al. “latitude”:
The first step, 2004.
Metamorphosis, 2008-(official selection of the Festival of Angoulême 2009)
 journals collective, DBD n ° 11: “letendre”, BFB editions, January 2001.
Serge Le Tendre  interviewed by Vincent Henry, “The soft Portrait”, in Calliope n ° 1, Semic, June 2002.
extracts from the book of fates T4: the other (Soleil Productions, 2011)
 v · (d) · mLa series Jérôme k. Jérôme Bloche
1 .l ‘ shadow kills •
 2. paper beings •
 3 to life, to death •
 4 past recomposed •
5. game three •
 6.Zelda •
 7.Un bird  ro the cat
8. The Vagabond of dunes •
9 .l ‘ Absent •
10.Un baby on the run •
 11. heart right •
12.The gabion •
13.The pact•
  14.Un cage •
 15.La Countess •
16The letter •
 17.The puppet •
18.Un puppet letter little corner of paradise •
 19.Un dog in a game of bowling •
 20.Fin • 21 denial of leak
AuteursCerise • Dodier (Alain) • soft (Serge) • Fournier (stone)
AutresDupuis • Spirou