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By Seron

The Centaurs

The Centaurs
AuteurPierre Seron
ScénarioPierre Seron
Stephen Desberg
DessinPierre Seron
Leonardo CouleursVittorio
Franco-Belgian type (s)
Characters principauxAurore
Country :  Belgium
Language originale : Français
Other titres : Aurore & Ulysse
Aurora, Ulysse… The Centaurs
ÉditeurDupuis (1982-1985)
MC Productions (1988)
Soleil Productions (1989)
Albums6 NB.
AdaptationsLes small men (1988)
The Centaurs, also known as the Aurora & Ulysses or even Aurora, Ulysse… Centaurs, is a series of Belgian comic strip created, written and drawn by Pierre Seron, except the first album, which brings together two stories written by Stephen Desberg. She appeared for the first time in 1977 in the weekly magazine Spirou under Stephen Desberg and Mittéï scenario for a few short stories until Pierre Seron working alone.
Published in 1985 by Dupuis in 1982 before changing Publisher: MC Productions in 1988, editions Soleil, 1989, and Jourdan for reissues in 1991. Even if the series has seen success, she stops at the sixth book, readers preferring to follow the other series by the same author, the adventures of little men.
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Synopsis [edit] Aurora and Ulysses, Centaurs came from Mount Olympus, are immortal, very young and curious. While they wanted to know how was this world with these simple creatures, they have disobeyed orders prohibiting cross the door that separates the mansions of the gods to mortals.
Need to cross a door to nothingness announced by three black points to return to Olympus. By it is known what spell, whenever they go through this door, they are not found in the world, but at another time of the land of the mortals.
Their good heart caused them to help the disadvantaged of these different periods of history.
History [edit] while he launched his own series the adventures of the little men in 1967 in a style highly influenced by Franquin, Pierre Seron joins the young Stephen Desberg screenwriter who wrote a few stories before proposing the publication in the weekly magazine Spirou, Aurora & Ulysses: the visitor and the men of the woods appear for the first time in this December 29, 1977 in the same issue.
In 1979, the Christmas special in the magazine Spirou, Mittéï wrote a comprehensive history in two pages with a title dream team where, no doubt, many readers there noticed colouring error. Indeed, the colorist is mixed brushes and invert the colors of the Manes and the bodies of our hero [1].
Dupuis publishes heroes of Pierre Seron album under the title Aurora, Ulysse… Centaurs in 1982.
The Spirou magazine presents Uwélématibukaliné, a new episode of the adventures of little men, on June 15, 1988, where dawn and Ulysses also lived an adventure with the small beings. The title changed, it is called now the volcano of gold in the publication in album with Dupuis.
Despite the success, Pierre Seron stops the series that the requirement of the general public has shifted to his small men who calmly continue their careers by exploiting all the themes and genres where you can compare the world of the “big” and that “small” [2].
As early as 1991, the Jourdan editor repeats the series.
Characters [edit] this section is empty, insufficiently detailed or incomplete. Your help is welcome! Publication [edit] Albums [edit] first series [edit] published under the title Aurora & Ulysses, the Centaurs.
■ 1 the door to nothingness, Dupuis, Marcinelle, October 1982
Screenplay: Stephen Desberg – drawing: Pierre Seron – colours: Vittorio Leonardo
■ 2 wolves to two heads, Dupuis, Marcinelle, January 1983
Script and design: Pierre Seron – colours: Vittorio Leonardo
■ 3 L ‘ Odyssée, Dupuis, Marcinelle, July 1984
Screenplay: Homer, Pierre Seron – drawing: Pierre Seron – colours: Vittorio Leonardo
■ 4 the Amazons, Dupuis, Marcinelle, April 1985
Script and design: Pierre Seron – colours: Vittorio Leonardo
Second series [edit] reissue of three of the four albums Dupuis with new covers and two unreleased album. First at MC Production then at Éditions Sun and all finally reissued in Jourdan.
■ 1 the punishment of Hermes, MC Productions, August 1988
Script and design: Pierre Seron – colours: Vittorio Leonardo
■ 2 the door to nothingness, MC Productions, October 1988
Screenplay: Stephen Desberg – drawing: Pierre Seron – colours: Vittorio Leonardo
■ 3 Kelvinhathor III, Editions Sun, September 1989
Script and design: Pierre Seron – colours: Vittorio Leonardo
■ 4 wolves to two heads, Editions Sun, January 1990
Script and design: Pierre Seron – colours: Vittorio Leonardo
■ 5 L ‘ Odyssée, Jourdan, September 1991
Script and design: Pierre Seron – colours: Vittorio Leonardo
Special volume [edit] small men, tome 24: the volcano of gold, 1988 – Dupuis
Journals [edit] under Stephen Desberg scenario:
The men of the wood, December 29, 1977 – No. 2072
The trophy of the bestiary, 23 March – 13 April 1978 – No. 2084 to 2087
Treasury Board of war, 20 July – 27 July 1978 – No. 2101 to 2102
The North Star, 16 March – 24 May 1979 – No. 2135 to 2145
Under the scenario of Mittéï:
Dream team, December 20, 1979 – No. 2175
Under the scenario of Pierre Seron:
Nether gate, June 23, 1977 – No. 2045
The visitors, December 29, 1977 – No. 2072
The crowned tooth, 10 January – 17 January 1980 – no. 2179 2178
Wolf two-headed, 10 July – 18 September 1980 – no. 2204 at 2214
Odyssey, 21 October – 30 December 1982 – No. 2333 2323
The Amazons, 27 October – 17 November 1983 – No. 2376 to 2379
Punishment of Hermes, 21 January – 28 January 1986 – No. 2493 to 2494 (under the title Les Centaures)
Uwélématibukaliné, 15 June-24 August 1988 – of the No. 2618 at 2628 (now under the subtitle the volcano of gold of the young men series, volume 24)
Notes [edit] references [edit] ↑ “Inconsistencies between boxes” [archive] in all Spirou [archive].
↑ “Seron, the biography” [archive], text borrowed [1] site [archive].
Bibliography [edit] this section is empty, insufficiently detailed or incomplete. Your help is welcome! Annexes [edit] Articles related [edit] this section is empty, insufficiently detailed or incomplete. Your help is welcome! External link [edit] this section is empty, insufficiently detailed or incomplete. Your help is welcome!The official website of the Centaurs (under construction)

Pierre Seron


Janvier 1990, festival de la bande dessinée d'Angoulême

Nom de naissance
Pierre Seron
9 février 1942Chênée Drapeau : Belgique Belgique
Drapeau : Belgique Belge
dessinateur et scénariste de bande dessinée
 he spent the first years of his life in Liège and then follows an engineer father in his business travel: the Canada (Montreal), Libourne, the campaign Bordeaux, Givet in the Ardennes and the return to Liège where he followed the teaching of the Saint-Luc school.
He started very early by working with Dino Attanasio before stealing his own wings. He worked for Pif Gadget under the pseudonym of Fohal. Its design was already very close to that of Franquin of Gaston, which he borrowed the proportions of its characters and most of its effects of modeled (faces and clothing). It is rather in the decor of its boards, very worked, giving form to innumerable inventions architectural and decorative, and to the very realistic rendering, that expresses its graphic originality, as in the innovations of its layout. After little men, what were the Centaurs, Aurora and Ulysses.
Currently he resides South of the France, near Nîmes, where he continues to produce his usual series, to which he has recently added small women.
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