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Atalante is a series of strip cartoon of heroic fantasy and mythological.
Scenario and drawings: Crisse
Colours: Anyk (volumes 1 and 2), Frédéric Besson (tome 3)
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Atalanta grew up in the forest of Mount Pelion, it was left to fulfill his greatest wish: join the Amazons in Cappadocia, among which it thinks to find its place. In this quest, she joins Jason and crew of the Argo, making sailing to retrieve the mythical Golden Fleece.
Analysis [edit] the author is inspired character Atalante and the legends of Greek mythology. The design is baroque and exuberant.
If the series draws its origin from Greek mythology, the wildlife is a creature of Roman mythology. Its Greek equivalent is the satyr.
The characters [edit] Atalante: the daughter of Clymene and Iasus, King of the Peloponnesian. The latter the rejects, wishing to a male child as a descendant. She is rescued by three goddesses who decide to offered gifts: vivacity and robustness of the part of ARTEMIS, beauty and seduction on the part of Aphrodite, speed, and character well tempered on the part of Hecate. Hera him will donate, by his excessive, a curse of jealousy if Atalante came to unite have anyone. She was taken first by the inhabitants of the forest of Pelion. In 10 years, it is removed by hunters who raise him until his majority. She joined Jason and the Argos to meet with the people of the Amazons, whom she hopes to find its place.
PYR: a fauna of the forest of the Pelion. It is he who offers its inhabitants to collect Atalante among them. When the Pelion is invaded by the Centaurs, he decided to leave the forest to find Atalante, but he is captured by Sargon. The latter must bring a pole by Athena to Jason. Pyros is released by Atalante in exchange for the rescue of Chiron, and since then, it follows on the Argos.
Jason: the son of Polymédé and Aeson, sovereign of Iolcos. His parents were killed, and his throne was taken by his Pelias, his uncle, while he was still a baby. It was collected by the Centaur Chiron. In adulthood, he went to Iolcos claim his throne. Pelias put to the challenge to bring back the Golden Fleece, a powerful artifact. He then took command of the Argos.
The Argonauts: the fifty members of the crew of the Argo, en route to the Ring-necked Pheasant and the Golden Fleece. Among them are cited in the series, Heracles, Meleager, Acastus, the Boréades name and Zétès, Mopsos, Tiphys, Argos, Orpheus and Astérion.
The gods of Olympus: presented with their human side (Hecate, Aphrodite, Artemis, Hera, Athena, and Poséïdon).
1. The Covenant (2000)
2. Nautiliaa (2002)
3. The mysteries of Samothrace (2003)
4. Les Boréades flight (2009)
Papers: Friends of Atalante (2003)



Name of naissance : Didier Chrispeels

Naissance : 26 February 1958

Brussels Belgium

Nationalité : Belge

Profession (s) :  cartoonist and comic strip writer

Crisse is the pseudonym of Didier Chrispeels, cartoonist and comics writer born in Brussels, Belgium, February 26, 1958.



He began by drawing on canvas make Lyon (France) of eighteen years. Then he began a career in the band drawn with Ocean’s King for the Spirou magazine in 1979 and Nahomi, a Japanese Princess for Tintin in 1980.

He settled in France and launches into the heroic fantasy by creating, in collaboration with Jacky Goupil, series the Crystal sword, published by éditions Vents D’ouest. This series is a success and becomes a reference of its kind.

He is then recruited by the Éditions Soleil, for which he drew several series, including Kookaburra and Atalante. He participated also as screenwriter to the wings of the Phaeton (designs of Serge Fino) series, Private Ghost (Serge Carrère designs) and little man (N’Guessan designs). He also directed an episode of an American, Tellos comics.


The shadows of the past. Crimean 1920

The shadow of the damned: Ungern Kahn. Mongolia 1921

Ocean’s King


1. Magical hazelnuts

2. The powder of forgetfulness

3. The song of Galadrielle

The Crystal sword

1. The perfume of the Grinches

2. The eyes of Wenlok

3. The hand of the mangrove

4. The cry of the Grousse

5. The taste of sulfide

6. The city of winds

Cosmos Milady

Lorette and furcula

Perdita Queen

1. Griffin Dark


1. Planet Dakoï

2. Sector WBH3

3. Equinoxe project

4. System Ragnarok

5. Return to Terradoes

6. The heir of souls

7. The Pearl of gold

Kookaburra Universe

1. The Secret of the Sniper

2. Taman Kha

3. Mano Kha

4. Skullface

5. The tears of Gosharad

6. The Dakoïd oath

7. The smile of Myra

8. The last flight of the anvil

Kookaburra K

1. Big Bang Baby

2. The planet illusions

Small of man

1. The awakening

2. Secret

3. Chaos

 The compagnions of Taïga


1. The Covenant

2. Nautiliaa

3. The mysteries of Samothrace

4. The flight of les Boréades

Wolflux (Nicolas Kéramidas drawing)

1. Volume 0

2. The night of the totem poles

3. The twilight of the lynx

4. In the footsteps of Oh-Mah-Ah

5. Pok-Ta-Pok

6. The circle of mirrors

Ishanti: Sacred dancer (color Frédéric Besson)

1. The tears of Isis

Canary (drawing Carlos Meglia)

1. Oro lagrima

2. The last wave

Private Ghost (drawing Serge Carrère)

1. Red Label Voodoo

2. White Bloody Mary

3. Hot Caribbean Rainbow