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By Jarry, Istin & Brants 


When poetry and violence
revive the old legends …
When the sound of steel
on grinding stones
hacks the old fortresses…
Then the time of Gods and Heroes is approaching…


Nicolas Jarry

 Born on 19 June 1976 in Rosny-sous-bois.

His passion for writing is for the first time reflected in “the Chronicles of a war: Sînamm”, a fantasy-cycle of publishing Mnémos. During his stay in Brussels, where he participates in a debate during the festival of fantastic film, he met Jean-Luc Istin. This encounter leads to the comic book series “Asceltis”. Then he writes for Delcourt ‘ Chroniques de Magon “and” Maxime Murène “.
He is not only screenwriter of comic stories, but also novelist.
Together with Richemond he has a historical, mythological sage, consisting of 2 volumes, written (uitgeverij Rocher 2005).
He has also published a fantasy trilogy with the same Publisher,
called : “Le loup the Deb”.

Jean-Luc Istin

(b. 1/8/1970, France)

Les Brumes d'Asceltis, by Jean-Luc Istin

After his art studies and military service, Jean-Luc Istin starts to work as a comics scenarist. From 1999, he cooperated on the fanzine Avenir, where he met artist Guy Michel. With Michel, he began the comics series ‘Aquilon’ and ‘Arthur Pendragon’. Istin expanded his activities and started writing for Dim D. (‘Aleph’, ‘Le Seigneur d’Ombre’), Minguez (‘Le Grimoire de Féérie’), and Eric Lambert (‘Merlin’). He is one of the co-founders of the publishing house Nucléa. After working as a scenarist for a while, Istin started drawing himself. He began such series as ‘Draven’ (with text by Vincent Arnoul) and ‘Les Brumes d’Asceltis’ (text by Nicolas Jarry).